The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Eric’s Health Scare, Donna’s Concerns, and Zende’s Frustration Unfold

In the upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), several storylines are set to take compelling turns, including Eric’s health scare, Donna’s concerns, and Zende’s frustration. Here’s a breakdown of the key developments:

Eric’s Health Scare

Donna will come to Eric’s aid and attempt to resuscitate him because he passed out at the Forrester estate.

Even though everything will appear terrifying and incredibly hopeless, Eric will not allow this experience to stop him.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Eric's Health Scare, Donna's Concerns, and Zende's Frustration Unfold
Eric Forrester

Fans of B&B are aware that Eric has decided to stay as full of life as possible. The news of Eric’s health setback, if anything, will only bolster his resolve to follow through on the plan, particularly about the party he has planned. For Eric to say goodbye to his loved ones before he passes away, he wants one last big celebration.

Naturally, Donna worries that Eric is exerting more physical force than his body is capable of handling.

Eric will hear Donna out and respect her worries as he gets over his breakdown. Maybe Donna will bring this up to Dr. Colin and ask him to back her claim that Eric is partying too much.

Eric will, nevertheless, listen to his heart, which will be telling him to have fun and not regret anything.

Zende Forrester Dominguez, meanwhile, will never stop being incensed about the treatment he has been receiving at Forrester Creations.

Revelation to Zende

From Zende’s perspective, it appears that Ridge and his kids are the only individuals who still hold any significance at the company.

Zende is particularly displeased with RJ for entering Eric’s orbit and emerging as his go-to young fashion designer.

Part of Zende’s ire on Monday’s episode will come from the fact that Eric, rather than Zende, asked RJ for help with his last collection. RJ might reach a breaking point once Zende starts putting him through his paces.

Zende must realize that Eric is rapidly deteriorating and that there is a good reason why everyone has been caving into his demands lately.

It appears that RJ might tell Zende that Eric has a terminal illness, so he will need to process that shocking news as well as the fact that he was among the final Forresters to find out! Keep checking back for updates on any new issues or infighting that may arise as Eric’s family gets ready for the impending gala.

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