Young and Restless Spoilers Next Week June 26 –30: Couple Separation, Summer’s Departure, and Diane’s Deception

According to the Young and the Restless preview video for the June 26–30 episode, Kyle will become the focal point of some major Genoa City drama. After that, there were some steamy scenes and blame-shifting.

Spoilers–The preview video

Since Diane will ultimately tell her son lies, the trouble will begin with some deception. In the video for the weekly preview, a shocked Jack confesses, “You lied to Kyle…again.”

Diane will likely receive a warning from Jack that it is best to let Kyle and Summer handle their problems on their own. Jack will attempt to convince Diane that she does not need to continue lying because she has enough problems already.

Summer will receive some devastating news when Nick checks in with her because Kyle will push for a separation. After Summer informs him that Kyle has asked her to leave, Nick will probably give “Supergirl” a big hug and wish he could make everything right for her.

Diane, the cupid

Diane will have to defend herself because it is obvious that Jack will be surprised by her action. Diane’s decision to trick Kyle may have been motivated by her desire to assist Summer in making up with the man.

Jack, however, will probably caution Diane that it is best to let Kyle and Summer handle their problems on their own. Jack will attempt to communicate with Diane because she does not need to continue lying. Even if Diane makes a covert attempt to patch up Summer and Kyle’s broken relationship, it will not succeed—at least not now.

Blame games

While Summer is aware that she made her own decisions and must now pay the price for them, Nick will blame Phyllis for the mess she caused.

Summer will still hold Diane accountable for starting a chain of events, but she will also struggle with guilt over the fact that she had the opportunity to tell Kyle the truth but decided against doing so.

Young and Restless Spoilers Next Week June 26 –30: Couple Separation, Summer's Departure, and Diane's Deception
Young and Restless Spoilers Next Week June 26 –30

We know who is at fault because we are loyal viewers. Nobody can be duped by the blame game. That cannot in any way support what Kyle does either. Cheating is never an answer. Neither of them is exempt from responsibility for whatever happens to Summer and Kyle.

Will Kyle take Audra’s steamy offer?

Kyle will discover an enjoyable diversion at the jazz lounge as he manages the pain. As they consume a lot of alcohol together, Audra will happily flirt with Kyle.

Audra will add that she has a few moves once she has reassured Kyle that her accomplishments are not limited to the boardroom. In the weekly preview clip for Y&R, Kyle says, “I bet you do.” with a smile.

Could you please demonstrate some? They will get into bed in a GCAC suite shortly after Audra accepts Kyle’s invitation if she does. Although Kyle will have to live with his decisions, he will experience regrets.

Stay tuned because according to spoilers for The Young and the Restless, Kyle’s drunken error will result in even more issues.

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