The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Newman’s Intricate Plan to Rid Claire from Victoria’s Life

In a bold move to protect Victoria Newman from the clutches of Claire Grace, her daughter’s tormentor, Victor Newman devises a cunning plan.

Utilizing the genetic connection between Claire and Jordan, Victor seeks to expose the truth and liberate Victoria from the toxic influence. However, the plan carries risks that could shake the Newman family dynamics.

Victor’s Disdain for Claire and Jordan

Claire from The Young and the Restless has never won Victor Newman over. Especially now that he has discovered she is Eve Nicole, his long-lost granddaughter.

What Jordan and Claire did to Nikki is something Victor detests. He also detests the continued abuse Victoria is receiving from Claire.

If the issue simply vanished from every aspect of their lives, would not that be wonderful? Victor can achieve this in the following ways:

Claire’s statement that she has no interest in becoming their Eve Nicole has already been heard by Victoria and Cole. The deceased is Eve Nicole.

Claire Grace is who she is, and she wants no association with them whatsoever. Victoria should leave Claire’s life, she feels.

What a synchronicity! Victor is also in favor of Claire leaving Victoria’s life! However, Vicki has previously stated that she will always support her daughter. But what happens if Claire is not actually her daughter?

Victor Newman’s scheme to remove Claire from Victoria’s life unfolds, risking family secrets and potential fallout in The Young and the Restless.

Victor’s Alliance with Claire

What makes that possible? Claire was identified as Victoria and Cole’s daughter through a DNA test. However, did they obtain Claire’s sample directly from her?

They did not, in fact. They obtained it from a toothbrush that was discovered at Claire’s residence. Which other person resided at Claire’s house, do you know?

Claire’s aunt Jordan. Despite her evil, deranged, and potentially homicidal nature, Jordan does not appear to have opposed maintaining good oral hygiene.

Jordan likely brushed her teeth too. What if Victoria and Cole had picked up and turned in her toothbrush by mistake?

Why was there a genetic match in the test results? Well, because Jordan is Cole’s mother’s sister. They should be genetically related for all the right reasons.

After Victor establishes that connection, all he has to do is approach Claire and mention that they share an objective.

He will demonstrate that she is not Victoria’s daughter, allowing Victoria to be removed from Claire’s life.

Victor is willing to use all of his resources to secure Claire’s release from the mental health facility—but only if she agrees to leave his life afterward.

Win-win situation! Unless Victoria discovers what her father actually did.

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