Resurrecting Villains, Dark Twists, and Vengeful Plots on The Young and the Restless

In the world of The Young and the Restless, soap opera villains have a habit of resurfacing, stirring chaos and vengeance.

Jordan’s past deeds and potential return hint at looming threats, echoing past villainous resurrections in Genoa City.

Jordan’s Menace Returns

Even the most ardent fans of Young and the Restless know that a soap opera villain is never really dead. Over the years, there have been many instances where someone who was thought to be dead has reappeared in Genoa City to torture people or where a villain has been imprisoned and then freed to carry out acts of retaliation.

Cameron only made a comeback with a grudge against Sharon and Nick the previous year.

That brings us to Jordan. Jordan tried to kill the Newman family, drive Nikki insane, and keep her off the wagon because Nikki had relapsed into her sobriety after Jordan stole Claire from Victoria and Cole decades earlier.

Claire was then turned against the Newmans. Jordan has committed enough crimes to warrant a life sentence in prison.

Ideally, the Newmans will be spared from her horrific deeds going forward. Again, though, this is The Young and the Restless, so is Joran’s terror truly over?

Dark schemes and looming threats resurface hinting at Jordan's potential return.
Dark schemes and looming threats resurface hinting at Jordan’s potential return.

Claire, Victoria, and Cole decide to return to Oregon in order to confront Jordan in prison in the January 10 episode of The Young and the Restless.

Claire’s parents are merely taking the trip as a means of providing moral support; she will be facing her great-aunt directly. Claire plans to confront Jordan in order to hold him accountable for snatching an innocent child away from her parents, raising her to unnecessarily despise a family, and training her for retaliation.

Though Claire might end up criticizing her aunt, what if Jordan says a few last words to her niece? A threat.

Vengeful Schemes

In The Young and the Restless, Hayley Erin plays Claire in a mental health facility. Jordan may have included some backup plans in her revenge plot in case she was apprehended, as she has spent decades planning an attack against the Newmans.

What if, Jordan, for instance, reached Nikki’s sober sponsor, Seth? Although Nikki has claimed that Seth has been her sponsor for years, she has not really seen him in a while. Victor didn’t even know who he was.

That being said, it is plausible that Jordan contacted Seth and offered him a payment or other inducement in return for his attempts to undermine Nikki’s sobriety.

To make it appear as though Nikki had an affair with her husband, we can imagine Jordan paying him to get close to Nikki, having a picture taken of her with him in a compromising situation, and then sending Victor the image. All of this was done to try to convince Victor to end his relationship with his wife.

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