The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jordan’s Vendetta Against Claire’s Family, Unraveling Revenge

In the tumultuous world of The Young and the Restless, Claire finds herself at the center of Jordan’s vengeful schemes as she rejects her manipulative great-aunt.

Jordan’s thirst for retaliation against the Newman clan escalates, putting Claire and her family in grave danger.

Claire’s Liberation and Jordan’s Wrath

Claire has rejected her great-aunt multiple times, so Jordan may decide Claire’s run out of chances. Claire is clearly over Jordan’s manipulation because she is stronger and mentally in a better place. Since she has had control over Claire her entire life, Jordan is naturally upset about this.

Though Claire has always been a pawn in Jordan’s scheme, she is now acting independently. It might not be long before Claire pays a heavy price because she has abandoned Jordan.

Claire's newfound freedom jeopardizes her family's safety on Y&R.
Claire’s newfound freedom jeopardizes her family’s safety on Y&R.

After spending some time behind bars, Jordan has had time to devise new ways to torment the Newman clan, of which Claire is now a member.

Jordan’s best course of action for exacting revenge would be to kill Claire’s parents since Claire is now receiving the family she has always desired.

Jordan’s attempt to poison Cole and Victoria at the lake house was unsuccessful, so it is reasonable to assume that she would try again.

Jordan will plan to permanently deprive Claire of the loving parents that Claire has always desired if she truly wants Claire to suffer.

Claire’s Heartbreak and Vulnerability

This is especially true now that Claire has had a small taste of what a loving and supporting parent can be like.

Claire will experience even greater heartbreak if she considers losing Victoria and Cole at this time. It is not difficult to envision Jordan hatching a plan to ensure Claire witnesses the catastrophe.


Jordan might make sure Claire watches the action via a video call rather than robbing her of her freedom from the mental health unit.

However, it would not be impossible for Jordan to drug and kidnap Claire once more. Alternatively, Claire might manage to flee in a last-ditch effort to assist.

Depending on how this plot develops, Claire may find herself in the direct line of sight when Jordan targets Cole and Victoria.

In any event, it is reasonable to presume Victoria is here to stay and will be OK. Conversely, Cole might be in for a difficult outcome. Cole’s presence at Y&R is not guaranteed, particularly in light of his menacing statement on February 6 regarding his continued protection of Claire.

That might be an indication that Cole will not be breathing for very long—at least not if Jordan has anything to say about it! Jordan will update his strategy along the way.

Be sure to tune in for the impending bad news.

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