Who is Andrea Evans on The Young and the Restless? What happened to Andrea?

Andrea Evans, one of the daytime television industry’s biggest stars, died tragically at the age of 66, leaving the industry in mourning.

Andrea Even though the adored actress has passed away, there is at least one bright spot on the horizon: rumors suggest that she finished writing her memoir, which is scheduled to be published soon. Andrea Evans, a daytime soap opera star, was well-known for her work on The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live.

How did Andrea Evans pass away?

Andrea Evans had struggled with cancer. She passed away on July 9 at the age of 66. The casting director, Don Carroll, told EW that he had received confirmation of the news and that cancer was to blame.

The fact that Evans had undergone treatment for breast cancer was previously made public. Her only surviving family members are her husband Steve Rodriguez and daughter Kylie.

Andrea Evans’ daily soap journey

Evans was hired there as a background actor for the 1978 Brian De Palma film The Fury and the miniseries The Awakening Land. Evans was quickly given the part of Tina Clayton on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live, where she stayed until 1981.

Casting director Mary Jo Slater was responsible for this. In the following years, from 1983 to 1984, Evans portrayed Patty Williams on The Young and the Restless, who was also Jack Abbott’s wife and Paul Williams’ younger sister.

Audiences responded favorably to Evans’ portrayal of Tina Lord as a rebellious figure; she continued to play the part until 1981.  

Daytime Emmy nomination for Patty Williams on The Young and the Restless

She later appeared as Patty Williams on The Young and the Restless from 1983 to 1984, for which she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Tammy Taylor, an actress, first played the part in 1980. She quit shortly after making her debut, and Lilibet Stern took over right away.

Lilibet Stern played the part until June 1983. Andrea Evans was cast in Stern’s place after his departure, and she played the part from July 1983 to October 1984.

When, Andrea, dropped out of public view

Evans abruptly left One Life to Live in January 1990, disappearing for almost ten years from the public eye. Years later, she admitted that she had fled in order to get away from a tenacious stalker who had gone so far as to break into the ABC studios in New York City with the intention of killing her.

Who is Andrea Evans on The Young and the Restless?
Who is Andrea Evans on The Young and the Restless?

Along with ABC security, co-star Fiona Hutchison attempted to dislodge the stalker from Evans. The stalker incident had received a lot of press coverage at the time but was now heavily discounted.

The One Life to Live character Tina relocated to California after divorcing her longtime love, Cord Roberts. Evans spoke about working with Rebecca Schaeffer, who played Annie Barnes on One Life to Live for six months in 1985, and how Schaeffer’s murder by her stalker in August 1989 was the final straw that caused Evans to leave One Life to Live in January 1990 in an episode of the CBS News program 48 Hours from 2005.

Films role

The 1990s saw Evans produce two full-length movies, A Low Down Dirty Shame in 1994 and Ice Cream Man in 1995, both of which he played a significant part.

Evans made a comeback to television in 1999, playing Tawny, Amber Moore’s “trashy” mother, on The Bold and the Beautiful until the year 2000.

She replaced Maureen McCormick, whose ten-episode run on the NBC soap opera Passions had ended, that year, and assumed the role of Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane, playing it until the show’s final episode. For years, Evans’ long-running recurring role on Passions stoked rumors that she would play Tina again on One Life to Live.

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Andrea Evans – FAQs

Who did Andrea Evans play?

The seasoned daytime drama television star Andrea Evans is best known for her role as the troubled adolescent Tina Lord on ABC’s One Life To Live.

What kind of cancer did Andrea Evans have?

Breast Cancer, Andrea Evans, 66, passed away from breast cancer.

Whatever happened to Tina from One Life to Live?

It is assumed that she died along with her unborn child. Tina later reappears alive in April 1987 after being taken care of by the local Palupe Indians. She makes a second appearance in Llanview in May 1987 for Cord’s wedding to Kate Sanders, initially misrepresenting her son with Cord as Max’s infant son with Gabrielle Medina.

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