How old is Esther Valentine on Young and Restless?

Dinner is ready! On April 16, 1982, Kate Linder made her television debut on The Young and the Restless with those three sentences.

Esther served as Katherine Chancellor’s devoted maid at the Chancellor’s estate for many years.

Who is Esther in Young and Restless?

Esther is the grandma of Delia Abbott and Bella Fisher as well as the mother of Chloe Mitchell. Esther was Katherine Chancellor’s personal assistant.

A plumber named Tiny once had a one-night stand with Esther. She had a daughter named Katherine Tina Valentine, who rose to fame in 2008 as Chloe Mitchell of Jabot Cosmetics.

Esther answered a personal ad and met a con artist named Norman Peterson, which led to the death of Katherine’s husband Rex Sterling. She pretended to be the lady of the manor to impress Norman.

Rex and Katherine agreed to it and pretended to be her servants. Esther was forced by Norman to persuade Katherine to marry him and put her in her will.

Esther Background

Rex and a dubious Katherine planned a faux wedding. Rex then found Norman breaking into the estate safe since he wasn’t willing to wait for Katherine to pass away before inheriting her wealth.

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Katherine was horrified after the altercation when Rex was shot and killed. Esther was later pardoned and included in Katherine’s will after Norman was subsequently charged with murder.

Later, it came to light that Chloe is her child. Esther subsequently started making an effort to have a normal relationship with her, but Chloe/Kate is constantly ashamed of her mother’s status as a maid and her lack of shyness around the work choice. They started to grow fairly close again at Cane’s aching.

Esther Financial Status

Esther received one million dollars as part of Katherine’s 1 billion dollar estate and a half-interest in the Chancellor Estate in November 2008, during the reading of a presumptively deceased Katherine’s will.

Esther now has financial security for the rest of her life and can live a life of luxury in her brand-new mansion. Esther went on a date with Roger Wilkes at the same time, and they were engaged after just a few dates.

How old is Esther Valentine on Young and Restless
How old is Esther Valentine on Young and Restless?

Esther doesn’t appear to understand that Roger is defrauding her at all. The marriage between Esther and Roger was finally annulled after it was discovered that Roger was a bigamist.

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Prior to Katherine’s passing in 2013, Esther worked for Katherine. Esther received a $20,000 monthly payment from Katherine as long as she worked at the Chancellor’s Estate.

Esther also urged Chloe and Kevin Fisher to get back together after their divorce and supported their marriage to each other.

Her granddaughter Delia was fatally injured and killed by Adam Newman in a hit-and-run accident a month after she found out about Katherine’s passing.

How old is Esther Valentine on Young and Restless?

The most adored character in Young and the Restless is Esther Valentine. The role of Esther Valentine has been portrayed by a variety of actors, as was already mentioned. As per the update, Kate turned 40 years as Esther Valentine on the Young and Restless TV show. 

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