What Happened to Jarrod from Storage Wars? The Post-‘Storage Wars’ Journey

Jarrod Schulz rose to popularity as a result of his participation in high-stakes bidding for abandoned storage facilities on the A&E reality series “Storage Wars,” alongside his former partner Brandi Passante. “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job” is a spin-off that resulted from their on-screen connection. To find out what happened to Jarrod from Storage Wars, read the story below.

Who is Jarrod Schulz?

Jarrod Schulz is a reality TV actor who gained popularity through his appearance on the A&E storage show, Storage Wars.

The series, which started airing in 2010, follows professional buyers purchasing goods from lockers priced at appraisal after only looking through them for a few minutes while standing outside their door.

Buyers bid on the units because they hope to find valuable items that could be sold for a profit without full knowledge regarding the contents.

Jarrod Schulz, along with his former co-star Brandi Passante, gained fame for their dramatic and often fun-filled appearances on “Storage Wars.”

Jarrod from Storage Wars
Revealing the reality of Jarrod Schulz.

Two couples, both personal and professional, added to the popularity of her show. In the long run, they acquired their side project series named “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job.”

By 2019, Jarrod had exited “Storage War” during its twelfth season. His departure from the show was accompanied by personal problems, such as lawsuits.

In 2021, he received jail penalties for misdemeanour abusive behaviour at home after what was supposedly an incident with Brandi Passante in a bar. His departure from the reality television show was compounded by a legitimate case.

However, after leaving the show “Storage Wars,” Jarrod has stayed away from the limelight and occasionally gives his online entertainment accounts a refresh.

He is linked to projects such as buying and operating the Rush Bar Grill in Lake Forest, California. Although he had a chance to participate in other reality TV dramas such as Celebrity Car Wars, his unscripted television career has been less vibrant compared with the Storage War experience.

What Happened to Jarrod from Storage Wars?

In a very interesting twist of events, Jarrod Schulz had the biggest breakthrough moment when he left ‘Storage Wars’, fondly known as Storage Star 1, a seasoned veteran and one of his most popular characters in Season 0.

Season 13’s premiere revealed his divorce from his screen partner, Brandi Passante, and that they split after filming season 12.

Jarrod Schulz
Jarrod and Brandi

This revelation gave fans an insider glimpse into the personal troubles that had taken place while filming this iconic show.

Jarrod’s issues, however, did not end with reality television. In 2021, he found himself in a legal tussle over a misdemeanour domestic violence battery.

However, the claims were based on reports that he had pushed Brandi twice at a bar. The reason why Jarrod denied the accusations and, therefore, there was no further information about what happened to this case in its development until now is that his legal condition remained unclear.

Conducting an internal investigation on this issue, A&E—the show “Storage Wars” owner—had a lot to do with the cast members’ reported discomfort and hence Jarrod not having a part in the next season.

The fact that he was not reintroduced into the series meant that real life concerns such as depicted would affect how dynamics unfold in shows.

After Storage Wars, Jarrod decided to avoid the spotlight of publicity but not his fans via social media. With a rather quiet television career, he ventured into several island novelties, such as the ownership and management of the Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest.

His relationship status after divorcing Brandi, he was rumoured to date another woman.

Jarrod and Brandi’s relationship in season 13

In a critical disclosure during the Season 13 debut of “Storage Wars,” it was revealed that Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, when indivisible on-screen partners, had separated following the end of Season 12 shooting.

This revelation shed light on a period of something like two years during which the couple had been carrying on with separate lives.

Recently known for their haggling in the realm of deserted storage units, Jarrod and Brandi’s on-screen chemistry reverberated with fans, prompting the making of a side project show named “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job.”

In any case, regardless of their notoriety and joint endeavors, their relationship took an alternate course.

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