Speculations Arise: Is Karen Leaving Sistas? Unraveling the Truth Behind Ebony’s Potential Exit

Actress Ebony Obsidian was born in the United States on April 16, 1994. In the drama film, If Beale Street Could Talk from 2018, she played a supporting part.

In the comedy-drama series Sistas on BET the following year, she debuted as Karen Mott. Recently there were rumors that she will be bidding farewell to Sistas because her character Karen is dying. Keep reading to know more. 

Who is Ebony Obsidian? 

Ebony Obsidian is a well-known American actress who has been in the television series Sistas (2019), the Oscar-nominated film If Beale Street Could Talk (2018), and the YouTube series Tough Love (2015–2018).

Ebony’s Journey to Fame:

Ebony was a flexible youngster who was keen on performing expressions since youth, she never mulled over a lifelong in acting. She stated in an interview that she crashed a 12-year-old audition in a nearby city and performed in front of just over 1,000 people.

She stated in an interview that she briefly pursued a bachelor’s degree with a major in journalism while describing the event. Before wandering into media outlets, Ebony was working in three unique positions at the same time. She stated in an interview, “Unable to juggle between three jobs, she confessed her inclination toward pursuing a career in acting to her mother, who was supportive of her decision. 

In the Bet series Sistas, Ebony Obsidian portrays the part of Karen Mott, a hair parlor owner. She is known for the roles she played in Swipe, My Brothers Keeper, and Tough Love.

She was given the TV show Karen Mott character in 2019. She has so far been seen in 114 episodes of the program. According to Bet.com, the actress initially attended an audition for the part in New York’s Bet+ comedy show.

She came up to Atlanta to try out for Mark Swinton and Tyler Perry when they phoned her back. She received the proposal despite being on the set of another television show.

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They wanted her to start the show’s promotion after two days. She had a month to prepare for her part and shoot the 25 episodes before she had to take a flight back to Atlanta. In 2019 the Bet Plus series Terry Peery Sistas cast Ebony Obsidian as Karen. The actress thinks that because she is vocal like Karen, she is similar to her.

Is Karen leaving Sistas?

In Season 6, Karen won’t be leaving Sistas. Her life was in peril in the season opener episode when her salon caught fire. The difficulties Karen encountered when the fire broke out at her salon are discussed in last week’s episode, according to TV Line.

is karen leaving sistas
Is Karen leaving Sistas?

Fans now question if Karen’s job was terminated at the start of the season. They accuse Pam of being negligent since a fire is putting her boss’ life in jeopardy. Karen tried to put out the fire in her hair salon alone, but she collapsed to the ground.

Fans thought Karen died

No, Karen isn’t ‘dead’ in Sistas. In the previous episode, the protagonist escapes the salon fire. In episode 2, Full Circle Moments, Karen collapses to the ground and loses consciousness at the hair salon, carrying over from the previous week’s episode.

She is still appearing on the show, though, since the subsequent episode featured additional Karen-related anecdotes. The girls start looking for Karen’s location in episode 4, Face the Fire, and in episode 5, Better Safe Than Sorry, they ultimately find the address.

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