Shocking Dr. Phil Case: What Happened to Treasure on Dr Phil?

Everyone was shocked recently by a strange case that aired on the Dr. Phil show. The only purpose of a black girl’s appearance on the program was to slur African-Americans with racial epithets, who were allegedly suffering from mental illnesses. 

What happened to Treasure on Dr Phil?

Treasure Richards began hurling racial abuses at African-Americans, despite coming from an African-American lineage herself. Treasure, a 16-year-old adolescent, and her mother both made appearances on the program.

This “trans-racial” girl there resisted acknowledging that she is descended from African-Americans. While Treasure’s mother insisted that she had a mental illness, Nina, Treasure’s sister, later claimed that the mother-daughter team had staged the entire “black girl identity act” to profit from some easy publicity. 

Dr. Phil Responds to Allegations

Following the contentious episode, Dr. Phil responded to the allegations made by Treasure’s sister and refuted any manufactured drama. He emphasized the fact that mental health issues can present themselves in a variety of ways and that people might not always be aware of them. Dr. Phil insisted that Treasure’s situation was real and that she was indeed struggling with mental health issues.

In the most recent episode of his show, Dr. Phil refuted all claims that he had staged an appearance for his famous guest. To support his opinions on the entire mess even more, he mentioned that mental illnesses could manifest in various ways. And people cannot always know if there is something wrong.

Dr. Phil considers the Treasure Richards case to be ongoing. He claimed Treasure had a mental health problem. He also added that Treasure behaves differently in front of them, so people cannot judge her for her condition. Thus, he refuted all of the claims made by Nina, the sister of Treasure Richards.

Another YouTube video from Treasure Richards 

On the other hand, Treasure Richards herself made no denials or confirmations of any claims. On her official YouTube channel, she published a video in which she promised to share shocking information. But it soon became clear that the video was nothing more than clickbait.

About her appearance on the Dr. Phil show, Treasure made no hints or drops any hints. Instead, she took advantage of the 20-minute video to read comments, criticize haters, and defend Adolf Hitler’s actions. She clarified that she does not think of herself as a black girl; rather, she expressed that she is a member of a superior race.

Treasure Richards also verbally and physically abused nearly everyone who was “non-white” in the 20-minute video. Even further, she went so far as to defend the KKK’s behavior. Therefore, if the video gave us anything at all, it was a sort of figurative rejection of all the arguments Nina, Treasure’s sister, had made.

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Dr Phil – FAQs

Why did Dr. Phil’s show get Cancelled?

After 21 seasons, “Phil” is ending as host Phil McGraw looks for new opportunities. After more than twenty years, the popular CBS daytime talk show “Dr. Phil” is ending. Host Phil McGraw issued a statement in which he stated that he has “grave concerns for the American family” and wants to grow his audience in a new endeavor. 

When did Dr. Phil stop filming?

Dr. Phil will stop producing new episodes after the current season, ending its run at 21 seasons, and the final episode will air on May 25, 2023, according to a statement from CBS Media Ventures on January 31, 2023. Until the end of their agreement to air the program, the distributor will make reruns available to stations.

Are Dr. Phil and Oprah friends?

It has been made clear by Dr. Phil McGraw how appreciative he is of his friendship with Oprah Winfrey and why he has kept up the tradition of sending her thank-you notes each year.

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