What happened to the Von Erichs? The haunting history

American retired professional wrestler Kevin Ross Adkisson was born on May 15, 1957. He was also known by his ring name, Kevin Von Erich.

Von Erich is a family member, and his most well-known roles have been in his father’s World Class Championship wrestling promotion. The WCWA World Heavyweight Championship was held by him once, making him a one-time world champion.

Who were the members of the Von Erich family?

Fritz Von Erich is the ring name of Jack Adkisson, the patriarch of the Von Erich family. Before assuming more managerial responsibilities in the business, he was a professional American wrestler who peaked in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s.

Fritz Von Erich rose to prominence in the professional wrestling industry and was a trailblazer in Texas, where he held the position of president for the Dallas-Fort Worth-based World Class Championship Wrestling promotion.

Fritz Von Erich’s five sons—Kevin, David, Kerry, Mike, and Chris—went on to become professional wrestlers, with Kevin, David, and Kerry capturing the top spots in the spotlight on a national level.

What do you mean by ‘Von Erich curse’?

Jack Barton Jr., the youngest son of Fritz Von Erich, was the only Von Erich sibling who was never allowed to compete in professional wrestling.

While playing in the trailer park where the Von Erich family resided in Niagara Falls, New York, he unintentionally became electrocuted at the age of seven due to a live wire. According to D Magazine, he drowned after falling face down into a puddle.

“Wrestling the Curse,” a 2019 “30 for 30” short, featured Kevin Von Erich saying, “After all of this, I went a little crazy.” I was not going to commit suicide, even though I wanted to die. My desire was to be punished as though I had done something—to go to jail, to fight, and to be punished severely. It was a dumb move.

What happened to the Von Erichs?

Following his retirement from professional wrestling, Kevin Von Erich and his family lived on Kauai for a while before announcing their move to Texas in 2023.

Following Jack Barton Jr.’s passing, Kevin Von Erich took over as the eldest brother. He is the only remaining Von Erich brother, at the age of 66.

In 1997, Fritz Von Erich, then 68 years old, succumbed to lung and brain cancer. All six of his children were born into a marriage to Doris Adkisson. She relocated to Kauai and stayed there until her passing in 2015, living with Kevin Von Erich’s family.

What happened to the Von Erichs
What happened to the Von Erichs

David Von Erich was dubbed “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” The Dallas Morning News reported that in 1984, David Von Erich passed away unexpectedly in a Tokyo hotel due to an intestinal infection called enteritis.

Kerry Von Erich, the fourth son, took his own life at the age of 33. Known by the nicknames “The Texas Tornado” and “The Modern Day Warrior,” in the WWF back in the early 1990s, Kerry Von Erich was also a wrestler.

Prominently recognized as the “Inspirational Warrior,” Mike Von Erich passed away in April 1987 due to a drug overdose. The Baltimore Sun reported that he was 23.

At the age of 21, the youngest brother, Chris Von Erich, took his own life in September 1991. He was discovered at the family’s 500-acre ranch in East Texas by his mother and a brother, according to the Baltimore Sun.

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