What happened to Tee Higgins? Bengals Star Wide Receiver’s Road to Recovery

Injuries can affect the NFL players greatly impacting a team’s success, in the fast-paced League.

The Cincinnati Bengals faced a setback during Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season when their star wide receiver Tee Higgins suffered an injury.

In this article we will delve into the details of Tee Higgins’s injury discuss its implications for the Bengals and speculate on when he might be able to make a comeback.

Who is Tee Higgins?

Tee Higgins was born on January 18, 1999, in Oak Edge, Tennessee. He has emerged as a rising star in the NFL after being drafted by the Bengals in the round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

During his time as a student-athlete at Clemson University Higgins excelled as a receiver.

His impressive performance at Clemson garnered attention from NFL teams due to his career stats of 2,448 receiving yards and 27 touchdowns. This made him an attractive prospect, for football teams.

What happened to Tee Higgins? Tee Higgins’s Injury Update

In Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season, when the Cincinnati Bengals were playing the Tennessee Titans, Tee Higgins hurt himself during a crucial game.

At that point, the Bengals’ season was in serious trouble. Higgins’ commitment of two catches for 19 yards in the first half gave the match some early commitment.

What happened to Tee Higgins
What happened to Tee Higgins?

Notwithstanding, an unanticipated injury steered the game and made individuals stress over his well-being.

What Kind of Injury It Is

During the first half of the game, Tee Higgins’ injury was initially described as a “knock.” However, it was later discovered that he had fractured a rib.

A player’s performance and ability to take part in games can be greatly impacted by rib fractures, which are painful ailments. It frequently necessitates a time of rehabilitation and rest.

Result for the Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals sensed Tee Higgins’ absence in the game against the Tennessee Titans’ second half. He had already established himself as a major offensive component for the squad and Joe Burrow’s go-to target. The Bengals’ passing game benefited greatly from Higgins’ combination of size, quickness, and hands.

The Bengals’ offensive plan had to swiftly change without Higgins on the pitch in order to make up for it.

It was unclear how the team would play the following games with one of their key receivers out due to his injury.

Timeline for Recovery

Rib fractures normally take several weeks to heal, however, Tee Higgins’ precise recovery period is yet unknown.

Rest, pain relief, and gradual rehabilitation are all part of the recovery process to make sure the injury heals properly and doesn’t cause more issues.

As Higgins strives to get back on the pitch, the Bengals’ medical staff will closely monitor his development and give updates on his condition.

The Bengals Are Expecting Higgins to Return

There’s little doubt that Tee Higgins’ Cincinnati Bengals teammates and supporters want to see him play again as soon as possible.

His presence on the pitch greatly improves the offense of the club, and his rapport with Joe Burrow has been a great asset.

In order to preserve offensive continuity while waiting for more information on Higgins’ rehabilitation, the Bengals will probably look into other alternatives on their roster.

But ultimately, the squad wants to make sure Higgins returns whole and sound, prepared to help them succeed once more.


Injuries are a regrettable fact of life in the NFL, and they may have an effect on both the players themselves and the clubs they play for.

Although Tee Higgins’ rib fracture is a setback for the Cincinnati Bengals, it also gives them a chance to show off their depth and adaptability.

The Bengals are dealing with the difficulties of Higgins’ absence while holding out hope for a quick and full recovery for their star wide receiver.

Fans and observers will follow Tee Higgins’ rehabilitation from his injury attentively, as his return to the field is expected to be a pivotal milestone for the Cincinnati Bengals’ 2023 campaign.

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