What happened to Ree Drummond mom?

Ree Drummond, affectionately referred to as “The Pioneer Woman,” has won people over with her delectable cuisine and endearing demeanor.

Ree’s mother Gerre Schwert, a tough and courageous woman who influenced her rise to prominence, is the driving force behind this culinary sensation.

Despite all that life has thrown at them, Gerre continues to be an inspiration of courage and optimism. She maintains her graceful demeanor in the face of tragedy and misfortune, depending on her steadfast faith for direction. Ree’s mother, Gerre, is a retired school teacher and loving grandma.

The narrative of Ree Drummond includes information about the amazing women who supported and encouraged her during her journey, in addition to her culinary exploits.

Who is the Mom of Ree Drummond?

As of October 2023, Gerre Schwert, the mother of Ree Drummond, is still alive and well. She resides in Oklahoma, close to Ree and her family, and is 78 years old.

Gerre is an active member of her church and a retired school teacher. She also frequently appears as a guest on The Pioneer Woman, Ree’s Food Network program.

The mother of Drummond is Gerre Schwert. The Food Network personality adores having her mother visit The Pioneer Woman program.

When Schwert visited last year, she demonstrated how to prepare her “top secret pizza” for do-it-yourself cooks.

Drummond exclaims, “My mom came to film with the kids and me today!” “We had a great time. She did a fantastic job! The next time, I guess I’ll just watch from the sidelines as she cooks.

On the opposite side of the island, I’ll play Jabba the Hutt, leaning over the counter, clutching the camera, not giving a damn about what top I’m wearing—Spanxless, of course—and munching on cheese. I believe it to be my true identity, and I ended up in front of the camera many years ago by chance.

Drummond adores her mother’s company

Drummond called her time with her mother “amazing.” She hadn’t been able to spend much time with her because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so she was glad to see her.

Drummond posts on Instagram, “Wonderful to spend time with my mom today!”  Thus, the past year hasn’t seen much of us hanging out. Looking forward to a great time in the future!”

What happened to Ree Drummond mom?

Doug Schwert, Gerre’s spouse, passed away from cancer in 2022. At the church that Gerre and Ree attend, Doug serves as a pastor.

Ree has publicly discussed how tough her mother’s loss has been, but she also mentioned how strong Gerre is and how she depends on her religion to get through it.

What happened to Ree Drummond mom
What happened to Ree Drummond mom?

Gerre is a happy, kind person despite her recent tragedy. She is Ree’s four children’s loving grandmother who is always there for them. Ree is incredibly appreciative of her mother’s affection and assistance.

Schwert Gerre Ree Drummond’s success is attributed to her strong maternal figure.

Not only is Gerre’s narrative one of grief, but it also celebrates unwavering love and close family ties. She is still a crucial pillar. being a loving grandma to Ree’s four children and an unflinching support system for her daughter.

Gerre perseveres and shows love and strength to everyone around her, inspiring them to stand strong in the face of hardship.

As stated by Ree in a recent interview, her mother is “doing well” and is “my biggest fan.” Additionally, she mentioned how Gerre is “always there for me, no matter what.”

Ree Drummond claims that although her mother is wonderful, she didn’t enjoy the rules that she had to go by as a teenager. Drummond gave the following details about her childhood.

Ree Drummond objected to her mother’s “teenage rules”

Drummond paused to enumerate her mother’s qualities that she adores. She finds her mother’s personality to be one thing.

Drummond talked about her teenage years at one of her performances. She claims that she disliked several of her mother’s “teenager rules.”

“My mom is coming, and we all love G so much, so there’s kind of a little energy in the air today,” Drummond says on The Pioneer Woman.

“My mother goes by Gerre. She’s always been dubbed G by the youngsters. And wherever she goes, she’s just kind of breathing, walking, and talking in the sunshine.

Drummond admits, “I didn’t necessarily think that when I was a teenager and she was giving me rules.” “Those teenage restrictions didn’t sit well with me at all. But now I had teenagers, I’ve learned to value her. And in our home, regulations are everything. Drummond quips, “Hey, I’m getting into the history of adolescence!”

“She’s kind to everybody,” Drummond remarks. She has a smile on her face all the time. She has a sing-song voice when she speaks. She is a perpetual optimist. Drummond claims that her mother is “sunshine,” but when she was younger, she struggled to follow the rules.

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