What happened to Josh Giddey? Detangling the mystery

In the charged universe of basketball, where ability and potential frequently entwine, rising stars like Josh Giddey have enamored fans around the world.

As a unique power on the court for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Giddey’s rising to turn into the most youthful player in NBA history enlightened his commitment to the association.

In the meantime, rumors and certain anticipations have made their way into Josh’s career, making fans wonder, and curious about the situation.

The world anticipates further turns of events and substantial insights, helping us to remember the significance of persistence and a tempered methodology in the midst of the uproar of sensationalized titles.

Josh Giddey, a little history

Joshua James Giddey, an Australian, is an expert basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). His birthday is October 10, 2002.

In the NBA draft of 2021, Giddey was chosen by the Thunder with the sixth overall pick. Giddey became the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double at the age of 19 years and 84 days.

Moreover, he made history by being the first tenderfoot player since Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson in 1961 to record three straight triple-copies. Giddey was brought into the world in Melbourne by proficient basketball players.

Warrick, his father, was a longtime basketball player for the Melbourne Tigers in Australia. Kim, his mother, was a Women’s National Basketball League player for the Tigers.

What happened to Josh Giddey?

A claim that Josh Giddey had an unseemly relationship with a minor young lady is being investigated by the NBA.

What happened to Josh Giddey
Josh Giddey

An anonymous social media user claimed that the girl who was spotted with Giddey in pictures and videos was a junior in high school at the time of the since-deleted post.

Since then, the social media account has been deleted. Asking Giddey a question at practice yielded no response. Mark Daigneault, the coach of the Thunder, stated that it was a private matter and that he was silent.

It is unclear when or where the images and videos of the man who looks to be Giddey with a female were taken, despite the fact that they are posted on social media.

The photos were removed by the original poster, but not before other people saved them. As Thanksgiving weekend got underway, the pictures started to circulate on social media, and the league took notice.

The NBA acknowledged that it is investigating the claims, but in these kinds of circumstances, it usually does not provide incremental updates. The league is methodical in its approach and will do its homework.

The NBA typically holds off on imposing punishment in legal cases until the legal system has reached a conclusion. Miles Bridges’ suspension following his plea of not guilty to a domestic abuse charge is one instance.

After its investigation is finished, the league will make a decision if there are no legal or criminal ramifications, similar to the Ja Morant gun incidents.

He is anticipated to play in Oklahoma City’s match against Minnesota as well. Silently, Giddey and the Thunder dealt with the matter.

The Thunder, who are 11-5 and have won eight of their last ten games, will take on the Timberwolves, who are currently atop the Western Conference.

Is Josh Giddey dating someone?

Liv Cook, the rumored girlfriend of Josh Giddey, is a junior in high school, which implies that she may be 16 or 17 years old.

In the process of learning more about Liv Cook, a number of NBA fans made the discovery that she participates in club volleyball and is quite active on TikTok.

The controversy started when photos and a leaked video of Josh Giddey with Liv Cook were posted on OC Beers, a private Instagram page.

The page raised serious questions regarding the age difference and possible legal ramifications by asserting that Liv Cook is considerably younger than the Australian basketball player, who is 21 years old.

Even though the video went viral on social media and the accusations surfaced, it is crucial to remember that these claims are still unproven.

Right now, a lot of conjecture surrounds the situation, so before making any judgments regarding Josh Giddey and Liv Cook’s relationship, it is important to wait for more information to become available and official statements.

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