What happened to Jamie Ivey, and what will the wife of Aaron Ivey do next?

Jamie Ivey is a social media celebrity, author, podcaster, and preacher. She made a comeback to social media after her husband, pastor Aaron Ivey, was fired from Austin Stone Community Church.

She announced her return with a message on her Instagram page, but she was cautious in her discussion of the scandal, which has drawn attention from all over the world due to its graphic nature. Read on to find out the whole story.

What happened to Jamie Ivey?

Jamie was promoting her new book, Why Can’t I Get It Together? when news of the scandal broke. Her team quickly released a statement stating that the tour had to be postponed due to an “unexpected crisis.”

In an Instagram post, her team said that Jamie “will also be taking a break from social media and public appearances until she has had time to process, discern, and recover.

In 2018, the pair co-wrote the book Complement: The Surprising Beauty of Choosing Together Over Separate in Marriage, which offers advice on creating a happy and healthy marriage. Jamie made a comeback to the public eye on March 22.

She informed her fans that she needed time to process everything that was happening with her husband and that she would soon be back on the podcast and social media. She stated that on May 3, she would be going back on social media.

She expressed gratitude to her followers in the post for bearing with her during the “shock and grief” of the scandal. She said she was grateful for the “grace and space” gifted to her by the community over the past few weeks.

What happened to Jamie Ivey
Jamie, a loving and compassionate person

“I am overwhelmed by the kind words, patience, and supportive messages I have received while taking a break from social media, podcasting, and speaking,” she stated. She added, “The community is my pillar and strength,” and that “God’s love is really about” what she has learned from the compassion she has experienced.

The allegations and impact on Jamie

The allegations against Aaron Ivey include inappropriate and explicit ongoing text messages with an adult male, which were discovered in February 2024.

This was not an isolated incident; similar behavior involving inappropriate communications, indecent exposure, and substance abuse has been documented dating back to 2011.

 Jamie Ivey

Even though Jamie Ivey has not been charged with anything personally, the controversy has negatively impacted her reputation and career.

She had to deal with the consequences of her husband’s actions, which forced her to postpone her book tour.

When did Aaron and Jamie Ivey get married?

After getting married in 2001, Jamie and Aaron became parents to four kids.

The Washington Post reports that they adopted Deacon in 2005 and Story and Amos from Haiti in 2009 and 2010, in addition to the 2004 birth of biological child Cayden. Happy Birthday, Cayden!

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