What happened to Erin Como? Every Challenge is a Stepping Stone

Erin Como was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on January 31, 1984. Erin will be 39 years old in 2023. She grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her older sister, Leah Como. She is an accomplished American journalist who currently works for FOX 5 DC.

She began her career in news at WCAU-TV in Philadelphia as a planning/assignment editor and traffic reporter after graduating from Temple University with a double major in broadcast journalism and English.

Erin Como Reveals Her Timeless Success Formula

Erin Como emerges as a vivacious force shaping the airwaves in the fast-paced world of media, not just as a traffic reporter. She transformed her on-air presence after learning the ropes from industry guru Chris Blackman, turning every criticism into a stepping stone.

Como’s journey has been marked by perseverance and a dedication to excellence, from hosting ‘Down the Shore’ to dazzling on NBC 10 Philadelphia’s weekend shore traffic report.

Como’s work ethic has been recognized with NBC Ovation awards for teamwork and creative work. She navigates the ever-changing media landscape with ease, juggling roles at NBC 10 Assignment Desk, hosting for Borgata TV, and helping RAW as natural-born artists, demonstrating her dedication beyond the newsroom.

In an era where success can take many forms, Como’s story exemplifies hard work, adaptability, and a passion for meaningful journalism.

Como encapsulates the essence of media evolution as she envisions a future as an anchor in which talent, commitment, and strong values will remain timeless keys to success.

Erin Como is the anchor who steers the media evolution countdown with flair, proving that what she does in the world truly matters.

What happened to Erin Como?
Erin Como has an enduring journey, from traffic reports to media dynamism.

Erin Como Performs Lip Sync as Britney Spears

In a lip-syncing spectacle that left viewers speechless, Erin Como, the firmly poised newscaster, traded her script for a bit of Britney Spears’ magic.

Erin flawlessly channeled Britney’s iconic charm as she stepped into the spotlight, proving she’s not just the journalist behind breaking news but also a captivating performer.

Erin’s playful move into lip-syncing showed her versatile talents, injecting an influx of pop glamour into her repertoire in a refreshing departure from the routine news cycle.

Erin released a side of herself rarely seen by her audience with dance moves that reflected Britney’s stage prowess.

Her Britney-inspired performance made headlines, but it also served as a lively reminder that even the most made-up anchors can kick off their heels and take in the joy of spontaneous fun.

Erin Como, the ace of breaking news, briefly became the maestro of pop, receiving a well-deserved applause for injecting some fun into the newsroom.

What happened to Erin Como?

Erin Como sent shockwaves through Instagram, teasing a career shake-up at Fox 5 in October 2023. The revelation triggered a whirlwind of speculation, with fans fearing a farewell.

However, fear not, loyal viewers—Erin’s not bidding adieu to Fox 5 but embarking on a thrilling journey of new responsibilities.

As the beloved traffic anchor since 2015, Erin’s unexpected career twist left some in awe.

While a few fans might have sighed at the thought of change, many applauded her courage in embracing a fresh challenge. Erin Como, the maestro of transitions, continues to orchestrate her professional symphony at Fox 5, promising viewers a captivating encore in her evolving role.

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