What Happened To Elizabeth Haysom? Unravelling the Mysteries of Elizabeth Haysom’s Life After Prison

The Netflix true crime docuseries “Till Murder Do Us Part” has recently rekindled interest in the perplexing case of Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom, whose connection to the brutal murders of Elizabeth’s parents, Derek and Nancy Haysom, has perplexed investigators and the public alike.

The four-part documentary promises a riveting story centred on the question, “Did Jens Soering murder his girlfriend’s parents in 1985 — or was she the killer?” In 1985, the Haysoms were cruelly murdered in their Bedford County, Virginia, home.

Jens and Elizabeth’s reaction to this bleak circumstance was to depart the country, abandoning their identities and eluding capture until they were apprehended in London in 1986.

Soering initially admitted to the murders but subsequently changed his plea to not guilty, claiming he was trying to protect Elizabeth.

Despite the lack of a conclusive exoneration, Soering’s statement of innocence has lasted.

The docuseries analyses the court proceedings, confessions, punishments, and the aftermath of their release. It also draws attention to the inconsistent evidence and discrepancies that have shrouded this case in mystery.

Jens Soering in the Public Eye

Surprisingly, Jens Soering himself appears prominently in the documentary. He gives an in-depth interview in which he discusses the events surrounding the killings and their aftermath.

Despite his assistance, the question of what happened to Elizabeth Haysom after she was released from prison remains unanswered.

What happened to Elizabeth Haysom? The Vanishing Act of Elizabeth Haysom

Elizabeth Haysom fled the country after her parents’ murder. She was later caught in London and apprehended. She has remained out of the public eye since her release from jail, making her a mysterious character in this real crime story.

Elizabeth was only 20 years old when her parents were murdered. After pleading guilty to two counts of accessory to murder before the fact and getting two consecutive 45-year life sentences, she faced justice in 1987 and was sentenced to 90 years in a Virginia prison.

She was paroled in 2019, the same year Jens Soering was, after serving 32 years in prison, and was later extradited to Canada.

Surprisingly, she was scheduled for obligatory release in 2032, at the age of 68, after serving 45 years.

Furthermore, Elizabeth has been forbidden from ever entering the United States, essentially cutting off any future communication with her erstwhile collaborator, Jens Soering.

What Happened To Elizabeth Haysom
Elizabeth Haysom

Elizabeth Haysom’s absence from the Netflix documentary is very noticeable. Following her return to Canada, she has refused to give interviews or participate in any media-related talks, as requested by her half-siblings.

Elizabeth Haysom’s tale is complicated; it raises doubts not only about her role in the murders but also about her life after she was released from prison. The mystery surrounding her post-prison living piques people’s interest.

Elizabeth Haysom’s Uncharted Path

Elizabeth Haysom’s life story is replete with striking contrasts and unanswered mysteries. Her path is distinguished by mystique and intricacy, from her parents’ murder to her eventual liberation.

While the Netflix docuseries provides insight into Jens Soering’s life, it carefully avoids the enigmatic road followed by Elizabeth Haysom.

Her absence from the media spotlight and choice to keep her privacy add to the layers of mystery around her.

Elizabeth Haysom remains a fascinating figure, her part in the Till Murder Do Us Part narrative continuing to plex and captivate viewers under the shadow of a bleak past and an unknown future.

The unrecorded chapters of her life may stay shrouded in mystery for the rest of time, leaving us with a story that is as perplexing as it is heartbreaking.

Jens Soering’s Adventure

While Elizabeth Haysom’s story conjures up images of mystery and suspense, Jens Soering’s life after prison portrays a contrasting picture of intrigue.

Soering, now 57, takes centre stage throughout the Netflix series, providing his viewpoint on the terrifying events that occurred.

Jens Soering was granted parole in 2019, which had looked impossible for years. He had suffered a harrowing 33 years behind bars after his initial 14 pleas for parole were denied.

His release was deemed “appropriate” by the parole board due to the age of the offences, institutional modifications he had made, and the length of his incarceration.

Following an investigation, the parole board dismissed Soering’s claims of innocence. As a result, he was deported to Germany, his home nation.

According to The Washington Post, an extra provision forbids his return to America, as well as any interaction with the Haysom family, including Elizabeth.

Despite his earlier confessions and subsequent incarceration, Jens Soering maintains his innocence and has done so for decades.

Surprisingly, he plans to convert his turbulent life tale into a motivating speech, emphasising his unbreakable character. “They didn’t break me,” he asserts. I was a free man who had been imprisoned against his will, and I battled to get out.”

The dramatic contrast between Jens Soering’s pursuit of acquittal and Elizabeth Haysom’s evasive departure from public view emphasises the nuanced and compelling nature of this real crime story.

To summarise

The story of Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering is a gripping tale of murder, mystery, and two very different post-prison lifestyles.

Soering’s quest for acquittal is distinguished by perseverance and resilience, while Haysom’s mysterious disappearance from public view leaves us with a story that continues to perplex and intrigue.

The mysteries surrounding their participation in the Till Murder Do Us Part narrative remain unresolved, maintaining the true crime story’s lasting fascination.

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