What happened to Dick and Angel Strawbridge? Where they are in 2024?

When Escape to the Chateau aired its ninth and final series last year, it was more than just an emotional moment for its lead actors, Dick and Angel Strawbridge; there was also an army of devoted fans who were perplexed that the Channel 4 show would no longer exist.

Although Escape was not their first foray into television – Dick had previously appeared on Scrapheap Challenge and BBC’s It is Not Easy Being Green, while Angel was well-known for her time on Dragons’ Den – it captured the hearts of its viewers and cemented the couple’s reputation.

The show was extremely popular; reruns are frequently shown during prime time, it spawned spin-off series, and it aired in multiple territories.

Fans continue to frequent the couple’s Instagram comment sections, asking when the latest episodes will be available in Canada and Germany.

Angel and Dick break the silence
Angel and Dick break the silence

In this article, we will discuss when the Channel 4 show is ending, why their podcast is their most candid offering to fans, and their big plans for the Chateau in 2024 and beyond…

What happened to Dick and Angel Strawbridge?

Dick and Angel Strawbridge, the stars of the hit television series Escape To The Chateau, are touring the United States and Canada with their hugely successful Dare to Do It tour.

Their tour begins in February 2024 and will include stops in Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, and Toronto!

The family’s adventures have captivated millions of viewers around the world in recent years. Dick, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, engineer, and chef, and his wife, Angel, an entrepreneur and designer, have many untold stories to share.

Dick and Angel say, “We are very excited for our family trip to the United States and Canada. It is an honor for us to finally meet Escape To The Chateau fans from across the pond, and we can’t wait to share more about our lives and personalities with our audience.

Why did Escape to the Chateau end
Why did Escape to the Chateau end

We are looking forward to having a great time on our exciting whistlestop tour!”

Why did Escape to the Chateau end?

So, why move away from the small screen? In previous interviews, the couple insisted that, despite the headlines surrounding their relationship with Channel 4, they had always intended to leave the show.

The primary reason is their two children, Arthur, ten, and Dorothy, nine.
“We decided to end the Escape to the Chateau series two years ago” because the kids were getting older and all of the parallel activities were no longer feasible at this level.

We are doers and will never stop, but we are also protecting them. Arthur is starting senior school, and the pressure on our children is immense.

When it comes to their crew, the family dynamic goes beyond the husband, wife, and children. “Our camera team has become part of our family.

One of whom was like our third child and became best friends with the kids.

Where are the strawbridges today?

Dick and Angel Strawbridge, the stars of Channel 4’s hit show ‘Escape to the Chateau’, are back with their brand-new tour, ‘Forever Home,’ following the success of their two UK dare-to-do-it tours.

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