What happened to Dante Torres?

Introducing Dante Torres, portrayed by Benjamin Levy Aguilar, a pivotal figure in ‘Chicago P.D.’ Known for his tumultuous past in a gang, Torres brings a unique perspective to the Intelligence Unit.

In this article, we unravel Torres’ character evolution, his recent absence from the series, and the personal challenges he faces, shedding light on the enigmatic figure at the heart of the show.

Who is Dante Torres?

Dante Torres, played by Benjamin Levy Aguilar, is an important character in the TV series “Chicago P.D. ”

Working within the vastly multilayered system of the fictional 21st District, Torres’ real value lies not only in his ability to enforce the law but also due to his extremely complicated background.

The character was first introduced as a guest character in Season 9, and Torres’s significance increased seeing him as a regular character in Season 10, adding characters to the series.

Torres did not rise as a hero, he was a vicious rival, who had once belonged to a gang. This background story, in contrast to his current occupation in law enforcement, lies at the core of his character development.

After being recruited by Jay Halstead, Torres contributes a more intricate perspective to the Intelligence Unit, relying upon his previous prison stories to provide a sense of direction and by steadying his implementation in undercover missions.

What happened to Dante Torres
Dante Torres A Complicated Journey.

The past life that caused him pain, now we may consider as his payment in settling wrongdoings from within.

As the series progresses we, the viewers, see Torres fighting against his former ruffled childhood, in favor of a haven finalized idea of serving and protecting the people.

His path is a story of redemption and strength, in his desire to leave the circle of brutality he continues to be a potential gangster in his profession and as a police officer reacts positively to violence.

What happened to Dante Torres?

In the Season 10 finale of “Chicago P.DBenjamin Levy Aguilar plays Dante Torres and he was absent, being as undetectable as he was during the fifth, fourth, and eleventh episodes in the season.

In the episode “A Better Place”, the reason for Torres’ temporary absence is cleared but the exact reason is still kept secret.

While the Intelligence Unit was at a high stake chasing the Becks, Voight asked Platt, regarding Torres.

Atwater stated that he had taken a week off from work to travel with his mother, who was receiving medical attention at the Mayo Clinic.

Throughout season 10, the character of Torres had been working undercover with the team not once. During Episode 4 known as “Donde Vives,” his social life was brought into focus by the fact that he was conducting a murder investigation of his neighbor.

The episode illustrated the intensity with which Torres relied on his indomitable thirst for family and community protection since he adopted brute force while off duty.

In a subsequent episode called “New Life” (season 10, episode 21), Torres found his way through various impediments from his past, after the death of his teenage gang’s leader who went into the Intelligence Unit’s investigation.

In the case before us, the case that seeks to pierce Torres takes him into a shadowy world and tests his ability to use anger to overcome it and the haunting of his noxious past.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar’s portraying Torres has characterized his character as a man who has suffered from previous trauma and striven hard to escape from his previous tormentors so that he leads a life that is opposite that of his traumatic upbringing as a police officer.

What happened to Dante Torres
Dante Torres

Where is Dante Torres on Chicago P.D.?

Dante Torres’ role, portrayed by Benjamen Levy Aguilar, was surprisingly missing from the season 10 finale also on the season 11 premiere of Chicago P.D. and fans’ curiosity piqued believing what happened to him.

In Season 11, Episode 1 of the show, titled, “Unpacking ” it was disclosed that Torres made temporary medical leave from 21 District to look after his mother Catalina, who was battling health complications. Sergeant, Trudy Platt said, “Torres, he was on bailed to his mom helping with his mom.”

It had turned out easier than it looked; the Season 10 finale was titled “A Better Place,” which provided information that Torres was out of town with his mother who was getting treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

In January 2024, the show’s runner Gwen Sigan revealed that Torres had been dealing with personal family issues back home and had thus taken some time away from his professional business to assist his mother.

The last time viewers saw an appearance by Torres was in the 21st episode of Season 10, which bore the name New Life, during which the Intelligence Unit had probed the death of Torres’s previous boss from the gang.

This is a strong case that charged Torres by stoking him to respond and fight his past and almost overtaking lines as he threatened to waterboard a suspect.

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