What happened to Curtis in House of Payne? Detangling the mystery

Step into the comedic chaos of a beloved household, where the enigmatic and sometimes irascible figure of Curtis Payne reigns supreme.

Known for his distinctive personality within the sitcom world, Curtis, portrayed by the talented LaVan Davis, is the magnetic force behind the entertaining dynamics of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

With a blend of humor, exasperation, and occasional moments of surprising tenderness, Curtis becomes the linchpin around whom the family’s antics and heartfelt moments revolve.

Join us as we move deeper into the labyrinthine world of Curtis Payne, a character brought to life by Davis’s remarkable portrayal, in one of television’s most endearing family-centric shows.

Who is Curtis in House of Payne?

The show’s primary protagonist is Curtis Payne. He is Ella Payne’s spouse and the son of Kelly Payne. Curtis is C.J.’s uncle and the father of Calvin Payne. He is Miranda Payne’s father-in-law and Janine Payne’s uncle-in-law.

What happened to Curtis in House of Payne
Curtis Payne

Curtis is the great-uncle of Malik, Jasmine, Hayden, and Jayden Payne, and the grandfather of Christian and Calvin Jr. LaVan Davis plays Curtis in the television series House of Payne.

Curtis is a lazy person who only sits on the couch and watches TV; he does not even clean, cook, or assist his wife Ella. He is cruel to the majority of his family. He is also thoughtless, inconsiderate, and only cares about himself.

What happened to Curtis in House of Payne?

Curtis abruptly left the show after a few episodes. Thank goodness, Curtis made a reappearance in Episode 6 and has remained there ever since.

Those who are familiar with the House of Payne plot will probably know that Curtis made an appearance in the first two episodes of Season 10.

Once a few family issues surfaced, such as Ella’s health scare following the discovery of a tumor in her breast, fans assumed that something was wrong. Fortunately, Ella fared well and survived without incident.

However, since Curtis and Ella are still very much in love, fans found his absence odd. But it was mentioned that Curtis was on a tour of barbecue restaurants. For the time being, fans of House of Payne can relax.

Curtis’s role on the show seems secure, despite the fact that the show gave viewers cause for concern. Regarding his departure from the show, LaVan has not made an official statement.

LaVan has been friends with Tyler Perry for a long time, and she has appeared in several of his television series and motion pictures.

LaVan has a wealth of interesting roles, ranging from Daddy’s Little Girls and Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns to numerous stage productions. LaVan’s chances of leaving the House of Payne, therefore, appear to be very slim.

In addition, The Cinemaholic reports that Season 11 of House of Payne has been renewed. It is safe to assume that LaVan will continue to be a fixture on the small screen for some time.

Who plays Curtis Payne in real life?

In Tyler Perry’s television series House of Payne and The Paynes, LaVan Davis, an American actor, portrayed Curtis Payne on TBS Network (2007–2012), OWN Network (2018), and BET Network (2020–present).

In the 2004 film Mindbenders, Davis played Leroy in his debut acting role. He appeared as a preacher as a guest in two episodes of Everybody Hates Chris in 2005. 

The next year, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, a sitcom on TBS, starred Davis as the grumpy father of the Payne family, Curtis Payne.

In two of Tyler Perry’s feature films, Meet the Browns (2008) and Daddy’s Little Girls (2007), Davis collaborated with Perry once more.

Davis has acted in stage productions of Madea Goes to Jail as Leo and Why Did I Get Married? as Poppy in addition to his work in movies and television.

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