What happened to Brooke daughter on Basketball Wives?

Basketball Wives star Brooke Bailey faced an unthinkable tragedy. The tragedy was related to her daughter.

A mother cannot think of such a thing happening to their children yet Brooke had to go through the excruciating pain that the tragedy brought along.

So, a lingering question remains among her fans that what happened to Brooke Bailey’s daughter? We will get into the article to find out what happened to Brooke Bailey’s daughter, Kayla Bailey.

Strained Relationships with Co-Stars

Brooke Bailey’s devastating loss also shed light on strained relationships with her co-stars from Basketball Wives, particularly Jackie Christie.

During the Season 10 reunion, Brooke confronted Jackie about the lack of support she felt during the most challenging time of her life.

Brooke expressed her mistake, saying, “You sit here and you say how extraordinary of a companion you’ve been to people, yet I truly feel like you’re not.”

She revealed that Jackie had not given any sympathies or backing, regardless of being in Los Angeles. Brooke felt let down that Jackie hadn’t connected with her during this tragic period.

Jackie, accordingly, offered a conciliatory sentiment and made sense of the fact that she didn’t have the foggiest idea what to say in such a tough spot. Be that as it may, for Brooke, the shortfall of help when she really wanted it most left an enduring effect.

What happened to Brooke daughter on Basketball Wives?

Brooke Bailey’s girl, Kayla Bailey, passed away in September 2022. She was only 25 years old. This horrifying episode sent shockwaves through social media and induced a flood of support for Brooke Bailey during an extraordinarily troublesome time.

What happened to Brooke Bailey daughter on Basketball Wives
Brooke Bailey daughter on Basketball Wives

The knowledge about Kayla Bailey’s passing was first shared by Brooke Bailey herself through virtual entertainment.

In a shocking post, the reality star communicated her torment, saying, “Perpetually, my child, Pretty Black, also called Kayla Nicole Bailey, this isn’t a goodbye.

Mom will see you soon.” Her words conveyed the critical torture of a dead child’s mother, promising a party past this world.

Cause of Death

Brooke Bailey’s daughter, Kayla Bailey, died in a car accident. In the wake of Brooke Bailey’s announcement, online speculation swirled about the circumstances of Kayla’s passing.

As the public sought more information, the tragic details surrounding the incident began to emerge. It was revealed that Kayla Bailey had been involved in a fatal car accident in Memphis, Tennessee.

The accident not only claimed Kayla’s life but also that of Julius Weaver, who was the driver of the car.

Fatal Car Accident

According to reports from People magazine and local Tennessee news outlet WREG, Julius Weaver tragically died at the scene of the accident. Kayla, on the other hand, was taken to a hospital but tragically, she could not be saved.

The accident was a result of the driver’s failure to pay attention while on the road, leading to a collision with the back of a tractor-trailer. This truck had come to a stop due to another crash, creating a fatal chain of events.

Spiritual Preparation and Gratitude

Brooke Bailey disclosed that she had been fasting and appealing to God for a few days before Kayla’s passing.

While she at first felt that her profound readiness was for something different, it ended up being the accidental groundwork for the heartbreaking misfortune she would confront.

She offered her thanks for the 25 years she had with her youngster, stressing that her girl welcomed happiness into her life on earth.

The lamentable loss of Brooke Bailey’s little girl, Kayla Bailey, was a sad event that significantly influenced reality stars and individuals around her.

The deadly auto collision in Memphis, Tennessee, killed both Kayla and the driver, Julius Weaver. Brooke’s true acknowledgments and tries to regard her little girl’s memory as a mother’s helping through veneration.

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