JoJo Siwa responds to claims that she “stole” Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith’s song “Karma.”

JoJo Siwa is facing controversy after releasing her new song, “Karma.” People are accusing her of stealing her latest single from another artist and falsely claiming she wrote it herself.

The reality TV show Dance Moms served as the impetus for Siwa’s rise in fame, and she was easily recognizable thanks to her bright colors, signature side ponytail, and big hair bows from the time.

Siwa has since abandoned her rainbow-colored outfits and bows in favor of a Gene Simmons-approved KISS look, complete with stark black makeup.

In her latest song, “Karma,” which was released last week, her sound shifted from one of self-empowerment to that of a scorned lover.

Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith
Jojo Siwa slammed by fans?

Additionally, she is getting flak for “Karma” because fans have said different things. One: She says she wrote the song, even though she didn’t. Likewise, she stole it from singer-songwriter Brit Smith, who first recorded it in the early 2010s.

However, she never claimed to be the song’s author.

The 20-year-old continued by acknowledging that the producers of the song, Rock Mafia, may have been confused because they wrote the song years ago.

JoJo went on, “What happens is that people write songs and then they do not do anything with them.” After a few years, it makes sense for a different artist.

JoJo continued, calling “Karma” “such a head-turner,” saying that it “makes you listen, makes you ask questions, and makes you confused. “So, the marketing strategy was successful whether or not people liked it.”

She remarked, “I knew it was a special song.” “I was aware that it fit. I knew for sure that it was the world I was supposed to create.”

Credits are readily available to listeners (and internet sleuths) on all major streaming platforms, which list them alongside songs.

It is also very common to sing a song that was written by someone else. Some of the most popular musical talents in the world—like Rihanna, Celine Dion, and Frank Sinatra—interpreted the works of other talented songwriters, instead choosing to stick to vocals and performance.

Now, did Siwa steal the song?

We don’t know for sure, and she hasn’t released a statement addressing it.

It is possible that she purchased the song’s rights to rerecord it. Alternatively, it is also possible that she did not know that another singer had already performed it.
In an interview, Jojo stated, “I am just glad that people are hearing it and enjoying it.”

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