Is Roger Howarth leaving General Hospital? Is he taking on Another Character?

One of the things that makes General Hospital such compelling viewing these days is the fact that the show keeps so much under wraps.

The people of Port Charles keep surprising us with one surprise after another, while other shows (Bold & Beautiful, Lookin’ at You) are busy revealing big twists days or even weeks in advance. The revelations have come thick and fast, starting with Nikolas’s survival and ending with Anna shooting Charlotte.

Prepare yourself for some fascinating rumors regarding Roger Howarth. The adored actor is best known for his portrayal of Austin in General Hospital. In this post, we will discuss whether Roger is leaving the general hospital or not.

Who is Roger Howarth?

September 13, 1968, is the birthday of American actor Roger Howarth. Howarth was born in New York’s Hastings-on-Hudson. His father was a playwright and theater enthusiast.

Howarth was exposed to the arts at a young age; at seven, he made his stage debut in the play The Grand Duke. He participated actively in the drama department of his high school and gave performances in several plays.

On the daytime drama One Life to Live (OLTL), he portrayed Todd Manning, a character who is recognized as an icon in the soap opera genre and for which Howarth received a 1994 Daytime Emmy Award.

After departing from the show in 2003, he became involved in the soap opera As the World Turns, where he portrayed Paul Ryan until the show’s finale in 2010. Howarth continued to work at General Hospital until March 2012, having returned to OLTL in May 2011.

Howarth lived above the café where actress Cari Stahler worked in New York City. They went on a date to Coney Island after she asked him out. After getting married, they had two children.

Is Roger Howarth leaving General Hospital?

Yes, Roger Howarth is leaving General Hospital. Daytime Confidential reported that Roger Howarth (Franco, GH) and the program are having problems coming to an agreement so he can stay in Port Charles.

In a new episode, his character Austin confronted a frightening new development when he was shot by an unidentified aggressor. With a cliffhanger toward the end of the episode, fans were left considering what might happen to Austin.

With Howarth’s history of portraying multiple roles in the soap opera genre, the article muses over the possibility of Howarth playing a different character if Austin’s storyline ends.

The suspense and unpredictability of the General Hospital plot are enhanced by the mystery surrounding Austin’s whereabouts, which keeps viewers riveted to the screen in anticipation of more revelations.

The story highlights the shocking element that distinguishes General Hospital from other soap operas by delving into the unpredictable nature of its plot twists.

Is Roger Howarth leaving General Hospital
Roger Howarth

Furthermore, the piece considers Howarth’s prosperity as a daytime actor and speculates about the conceivable rebound of one of his past personas, Todd Manning, should Austin’s story reach an end.

The audience views General Hospital as a connecting show to watch in light of the interest that the rumors encompassing Howarth’s potential role add to the ongoing plot.

Terrific News for Roger Howarth

Beyond daytime television, the gifted actor Roger Howarth, who plays Austin on General Hospital, is generating news. He shocked us all recently by taking to Instagram to reveal a new project.

“What Does Not Float” is a storytelling piece that takes a unique approach. The actor disclosed that this anthology is humorous and dark, akin to a collection of short stories.

Each of the seven stories takes place in a major metropolis. Numerous individuals are dealing with some very significant issues. But they are forced to make difficult decisions when something unforeseen occurs.

The interesting thing is that every person’s story unfolds in a unique way. The city turns into a mirror, reflecting the people within.

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