Is Nickelodeon still making shows? What other platforms or services does Nickelodeon provide?

Nickelodeon is an American pay television network sometimes referred to as Nick. It is owned by The Nickelodeon Group, a division of Paramount Media Networks, which is owned by Paramount Global.

The first children’s cable channel, it debuted on April 1, 1979, and its programming blocks target children and teenagers between the ages of 2 and 17, as well as a larger family audience.

On December 1, 1977, the channel made its debut as a test transmission as a part of QUBE, a pioneering local cable television service carried in Columbus, Ohio.

On April 1, 1979, the channel—now known as Nickelodeon—opened to a national audience with Pinwheel as its first show. At first, the network ran without any commercials, and that continued until 1984.

That fall, Nickelodeon underwent a makeover in terms of programming and image. As a result of its subsequent success, Viacom purchased Nickelodeon along with its sister networks, MTV and VH1.

Nickelodeon has launched a number of sister channels and programming blocks in the past. In the United States, approximately 87.167 million households had access to the channel as of September 2018.

SpongeBob is by far the most watched show on Nick.

Is Nickelodeon still making shows
Is Nickelodeon still a thing?

Is Nickelodeon still making shows?

Yes, Nickelodeon is not shutting down; despite the shutdown of the Nick App, the children’s television network remains unaffected and continues to flourish.

From the beginning with Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, and Doug to the present with Spongebob, The Loud House, and The Casagrandes, Nick Animation has dedicated nearly three decades to creating the greatest cartoons for children of all ages!

Kids can access Nickelodeon content via traditional cable providers or video-on-demand websites.

Apart from its standard programming, Nickelodeon provides a range of services, such as Nickelodeon Pluto TV, Nickelodeon HD, the Noggin mobile application, and the Paramount+ streaming service.

What has happened to Nickelodeon?

Nickelodeon still making shows

As a result, MTV, Nick Jr., and Nickelodeon content moved to a new home on 10Play and Paramount+, available via our iQ5, iQ4, and iQ3 boxes as of August 1, 2023.

These applications are part of an expanding collection of integrated third-party apps, which also includes Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, ABC Kids, SBS On Demand, and other apps.

Nickelodeon To Likely Remain On Air Until At Least 2027

For several months, Paramount has begun reducing the amount of focus invested in their linear offering. Nicktoons is a prime example, as the channel has been overflowing their lineup with SpongeBob SquarePants and a spinoff to The Loud House, The Casagrandes.

The Loud House was receiving the same amount of attention as the shows mentioned above, but why it was pulled from the schedule is still a mystery.

Some blame Nickelodeon’s censorship, while others point to the mostly-scrapped content that is currently available on Nicktoons.

At this stage, the only thing keeping Nicktoons alive is NickMusic, which has been more of a hit miss or hit run.

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