Is Ben Leaving EastEnders?

With a surprising conclusion, Ben Mitchell is bidding EastEnders a dramatic farewell in secret fashion, holding the audience hostage.

As a prominent icon, Max Bowden abandons the part as time progresses, his exit from this celebrated role is tragic in this scene, veiled in mystery and uncertainty.

Who is Ben?

Ben Mitchell is a fictional person from the BBC soap opera “EastEnders” who has been shown as 6 different actors since his on-screen delivery on March 21st, 1996.

In the series, Matthew Silver, who was Ben as an infant, from 1996 to 1998, and Morgan Whittle, who played him as a toddler, from 1999 to 2001.

This was the first in a long line of changes the show has undergone. In 2006, a former Ben Matthew adjuster claimed the title and played the character for 5 years, until he was replaced by another actor.

Is Ben Leaving EastEnders?

Ben Mitchell
Ben’s departure creates drama.

Yes, Eastenders’ Ben Mitchell is about to go from BBC’s soap very soon in grief moments and now actor Max Bowden is revealing that he is leaving.

However, contrary to this, Max evidently will stick over for five years more as his chapters are to be displayed on Thursday night on the following evening.

The BBC soap operation has not yet decided if the last episode we are going to see of this character will include the contribution of the character.

Fans want to know if Max turns up again behind a different mask! And, wait! Ben wrote on Instagram: “Over and done!”

We can only presume that he does not want to continue in this role! Yet, even without any information concerning the future role of Ben, the show’s producers still provided the fans with an opportunity to witness one of their favorite movies during the Super Bowl commercial break.

Ben Mitchell
Ben Mitchell

Why is Ben leaving EastEnders, and when are his final scenes?

The only remaining cast member will be Ben who will be put behind bars because of a crime committed against a foreign nation.

There was an arrest warrant issued for him and it turns out that police cars in America started following him to catch him up due to the crime committed in the USA.

Ben was there at the time his buddy Lola was diagnosed with brain cancer; he and Ben had tried to gain her access to the best treatment but she sadly died.

Perhaps, when Ben was there he made a wrong move, and thus, in a couple of years, the mistake turned into a crime.

The character could assume that Wildhorn plans to get him put into prison for a long time and in this case, not in the UK, and this is America.

To understand what’s happening, anyone who will watch it on BBC iPlayer broadcasting this coming Thursday, and before it airs on TV this evening will, seemingly, know how it ends, thought to be his final episodes.

On Monday (1st April) Ben didn’t show up and the confirmation of his leaving Walford was made by Callum who told Kathy that Ben pleaded guilty to fraud charges. South Africa would extradite him on the following day, Tuesday.

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