Is Austin Leaving General Hospital? The Recent Episode Makes Fans Speculate

Roger Howarth portrays Austin Gatlin-Holt in the American soap opera General Hospital, which airs during the day. He made his on-screen debut on May 13, 2021, and has been a consistent cast member ever since.

The enigmatic and endearing Gatlin-Holt has swiftly gained popularity among fans. He is a physician engaged in illicit activities with the Corinthos family.

General Hospital

The American daytime soap opera General Hospital (often abbreviated as GH) is broadcast on television.

As the second longest running soap opera in American history, it is recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest running soap opera in the country. On April 1, 1963, the ABC television network debuted General Hospital.

Is Austin Leaving General Hospital?

Yes, Roger Howarth’s character Austin is departing General Hospital after he is shot by an unidentified assailant, going against what other soap operas have expected of him.

Fans are left wondering about Austin’s fate and navigating the unexpected turns in the most recent episode as a shocking twist emerges as Austin confronts an unidentified attacker, generating speculation about Austin’s future in Port Charles.

Just before the shocking turn of events, Robert offers Austin complete immunity, heightening the suspense. Fans are curious to find out if this is Austin’s final scene, as the screen goes black and uncertainty surrounds his future.

Is Austin Leaving General Hospital
Austin Gatlin

The secret encompassing Austin’s whereabouts elevates the tension and unpredictable nature of the General Hospital plot, keeping watchers stuck to the screen for additional disclosures.

The audience finds General Hospital to be an engaging show to watch because of the intrigue that the rumors surrounding Howarth’s potential role add to the ongoing plot.

What is the reason behind his leaving?

A big storyline development in the soap opera “General Hospital” led to Roger Howarth’s exit from the show. After Peter August shot and killed Austin, the character he played was written off. With this dramatic exit, Austin’s on-screen story came to an end.

Given the narrative arc of “General Hospital,” Howarth’s character made a bold decision to depart, which became a part of the ongoing plot.

Fans may experience a range of emotions upon the departure of a beloved character, but this is indicative of the dynamic nature of soap operas, where characters’ lives frequently take unexpected turns in order to keep the plot interesting and suspenseful.

Who will Austin be paired with in Port Charles?

Fans of General Hospital are eager to find out which Port Charles woman will be romantically involved with Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt, the town’s newest Quartermaine.

At first, spoilers claimed that the man identified as Jimmy Lee Holt’s son would start a romantic relationship with Maxi Jones.

The rumors went that having Maxi’s baby would bring the two closer, but in Port Charles, they have entirely different goals and are in different circles. Because Maxi is attempting to conceal the fact that Bailey is Louise, she does not want to interact with Austin at this time. She worries that her daughter could be in danger if they are close to him.

There are also whispers that Sam and Cameron Mathison will get together when Cameron plays Drew Cain.

Austin may not be interested in romance at the moment since his true identity is becoming clear. He might just be a pain in the Q’s side because he works at the hospital.

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