Did Bru and Anna Break up? A Closer Look at their Relationship

Among their fans, there has been talk about Anna Sitar and Josh “Bru” Brubaker’s romantic relationship.

Stories abound about the breakup between Bru and Anna. Bru and Anna are among the most beloved couples on TikTok.

Fans are wondering why they broke up after hearing the news. Did Bru and Anna split up? Enter the informational pool about Anna and Bru and their wonderful relationship to quell your curiosity and find out what their current relationship status is.

Anna Sitar: Who is she?

Anna is a well-known TikTok user with a sizable social media following. She moved away from her Pennsylvanian hometown to attend Western Michigan University, where she met Bru, another Midwesterner. As a coping strategy, Loyola Marymount University graduate student Anna made TikTok videos in her spare time.

Thanks to her “I Do Not Want It” video series and engaging content that highlighted her frequent visits to Starbucks, she became well-known on the platform in 2019. Surprisingly, at the height of her TikTok fame, Anna was virtually dating her ex-partner, Brandon Hawkins.

In order to let her fans know about the experiences they had in common while dating, Anna regularly featured Brandon in her TikTok videos.

Bru and Anna Relationship Timeline

Anna Sitar has been dating Josh “Bru” Brubaker, a radio host from Michigan, since March 2021.

After connecting for the first time in March 2021, the couple progressively started sharing their love with their online followers during the summer of the same year. Their flirtatious behavior in their TikTok videos won over fans.

On TikTok, Anna and Bru formally announced their relationship in December 2021. On social media, they both shared a message expressing their happiness and reaffirming their relationship with their respective communities.

Their admirers had been curious about their relationship for some time, so they were happy to hear the news.

Did Bru and Anna Break up?

No, Bru and Anna did not split up. Bru and Anna are happy with their relationship. Social media celebrities Josh “Bru” Brubaker and Anna Sitar have confirmed their romantic involvement, officially putting an end to rumors about their relationship.

On December 7, the pair broke the amazing news to their devoted followers on TikTok with separate updates. 

The fact that they follow each other on Instagram indicates that they are still together. In December 2021, Anna and Bru’s relationship was formally announced on TikTok, most likely following the conclusion of Bru’s Season 4 filming.

They made a formal announcement about their relationship on the platform, informing their respective online communities that they were now a couple. After being kept in the dark for a while about their relationship, their fans were overjoyed to hear the news.

Did Bru and Anna Break up
Bru and Anna

The couple ended rumors about their relationship when they revealed the wonderful news to their devoted followers on their separate TikTok accounts.

Public Display of Affection

Following their public disclosure of their relationship’s specifics and the sharing of brief but happy moments from their time together, Anna and Bru have delighted their fans with an abundance of shared photos and videos on their separate social media accounts.

Their openness has further enhanced the couple’s bond with their loyal fan following.

Supportive Fan Base

The confirmation of Anna and Bru’s relationship was expected by their followers, who had speculated about their romantic involvement for quite a while.

The ardent reaction from their respective fan bases reflects the genuine enthusiasm and encouragement surrounding their blossoming romance as their journey together continues to captivate and excite their devoted followers.

Their social media updates strengthened their bond and gave followers a deeper glimpse into their personal lives. Josh “Bru” Brubaker and Anna Sitar are still together and enjoying a happy romantic relationship.

Following their decision to formally announce their relationship on social media, the couple’s supporters have been overjoyed and have continued to engage with and support them as they embark on their journey together.

The romantic story of Anna and Bru has captivated their loyal fan base and solidified their status as popular social media influencers.

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