General Hospital Spoilers: Pikeman’s Devious Plan and the Impending Threat to Port Charles

Recent developments in General Hospital (GH) hint at a complex web of manipulation orchestrated by the enigmatic figure known as Pikeman, potentially endangering Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Drew.

Amidst mysterious encounters and clandestine deals, Pikeman’s scheme unravels, setting the stage for a looming threat to Port Charles.

Pikeman’s Manipulative Moves

It is possible that Drew and Michael’s mysterious trip to Australia was not what it seemed. It is very likely that Mr. Brennan, or whoever he is, set this up to manipulate Sonny and turn it into a hostage situation! Carly is not aware that the sophisticated Australian who showed up at Kelly’s is possibly a bad guy by the name of Pikeman, but he seems to be acting flirtatiously toward her.

Pikeman's Devious Plan and the Impending Threat to Port Charles
Sonny and Carly

He did not reveal his identity to her at first, but he did reveal it after giving a homeless man a wad of cash and waxing poetic about his Kelly’s burger.

The reason Roman Sonny was in contact with Pikeman was because of a failed agreement wherein Sonny promised not to send any more Pikeman shipments through his territory.

While Ned had been picking on Michael, Hume had delivered the news to the Australian and addressed him as “Mr. Brennan.”

Michael had closed the deal with RCD, an Australian company, behind Ned’s back when he was Eddie, and he did not like that.

When Ned overheard Michael and Drew conversing, he became enraged. Michael had spoken of plans to visit Sydney, Australia, and something about a groundbreaking.

Following that, “Mr. Brennan” appeared at Kelly’s and appeared to get very close to Michael’s mother, Sonny’s ex-girlfriend, and Carly-Drew’s girlfriend!

The High-Stakes Situation

Additionally, it was the occasion when Hume went to Pozzulo’s to look for Sonny and found him missing; Dex passed along the information, but Sonny declined.

If Brennan is, as I believe, the head of Pikeman, he rarely travels to Port Charles and dispatches his underlings, but this could be the reason if he is connected to this RCD company.

Given the fictitious shipment that Sonny set up and which resulted in the arrest of some of his men as well as the Feds, Brennan might have also expected Sonny to reject him!

It is likely that Brennan has his paws in the RCD deal on the Australian end and that the business trip was a setup.

It seems too good to be true that Michael and Drew are scheduled to take a business flight to Sydney at the same time that he is flirting with Sonny.

That means that Sonny is the only one left to defend Carly, and even then, he has to deal with Cyrus and defend Ava in addition to dealing with Pikeman’s surprise attack.

Austin knew someone who was the shooter, but to whom it belongs is a mystery.

Ava, a few of Sonny’s friends, and Sonny himself may be suspects, which leaves open the possibility that Australian Pikeman associates will kidnap Michael and Drew as payback!

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