General Hospital Teases an Imminent Showdown with Nikolas, but Is She Targeting the Right Enemy?

General Hospital (GH) fans are on edge as Ava, suspecting Nikolas, prepares for a tense confrontation amidst unsettling incidents. But could Ava’s assumption be a grave mistake?

According to General Hospital (GH) spoilers, Ava believes Nikolas is the one torturing her, but is her assumption correct?

It makes sense that Ava would draw that conclusion after discovering the gun in her drawer, all those unsettling notes, and the pictures. Given that she almost put Nikolas in danger, Ava believes he is playing a practical joke on her.

But Ava did what had to be done to keep Avery safe, and she would do it again if necessary!

There is a chance that this plot is leading to Ava and Nikolas’ much-anticipated confrontation. Eventually, Nikolas might appear and scare Ava with his potential next moves.

It would be easy for Ava to point her weapon at Nikolas and demonstrate her lack of fear in using it. Ava might even end up firing first and asking questions afterward in this scenario.

That might not be the best course of action, though, if Nikolas is not the true aggressor against Ava. Should another person be the source of all the suffering, Ava might inadvertently cause Nikolas serious harm.

GH ramps up for Ava's anticipated showdown with Nikolas.
GH ramps up for Ava’s anticipated showdown with Nikolas.

Repercussions and Realizations

What happens if Nikolas simply wants to chat when he arrives? Before Nikolas has a chance, he might come into contact with Ava’s gun and be taken to the hospital!

Naturally, that could turn out to be a plot similar to the one that involved Anna and recently concluded. Ava might have regrets after making a snap decision and acting impulsively.

Additionally, since Laura and Spencer would not be too pleased about Ava risking Nik’s life, it might cause a great deal of drama with Nikolas’ family members.

In conclusion, it may be less likely that Nikolas is the one playing pranks on Ava because she has suspicions about him.

Perhaps the writers of GH would prefer it if the true culprit came as a bigger shock. Regretfully, Ava may be in for the biggest surprise if she hurts Nikolas and thinks she has defeated him for good!

According to General Hospital spoilers, Ava and Nikolas may be facing off in a heated confrontation. Stay tuned for updates on all the chaos and the awful news that might be on the horizon.

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