General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Ava’s Worries, Nina’s Struggles, and Adam’s Hidden Talent

In the latest General Hospital (GH) episode, tension mounts for Ava as she grapples with unknown threats, while Nina seeks solace amid her troubles. Meanwhile, a surprising revelation of Adam’s hidden talent surfaces, setting the stage for emotional confrontations and unforeseen developments.

Ava’s Anxieties and Nina’s Support

Ava will be tense, and Nina will wonder what is frightened of her so much. Though it appears Ava will keep worrying about someone pursuing her, she destroyed the note and picture she received.

Ava will have Nina’s support while she confesses, and she may even receive some support in return, now that Ned is adding to her problems with blackmail.

This could provide Nina with an excellent opportunity to discuss her disheartening news and receive some advice. She will inquire about Dante’s trustworthiness and receive updates on everything he discovered in the train locker from Sam.

Dante will have to decide how much to reveal, which will be a difficult decision. It appears that Trina and Josslyn will uncover Adam’s secret talent at the dorm.

Trina and Josslyn might argue that Adam is an exceptionally talented performer because it sounds like he will sing and play some. Josslyn might encourage Adam to pursue his dreams rather than conform to his controlling parents’ wishes because she believes that this could be his genuine passion.

Alexis is worried about Kristina's decision to fill in for Molly and TJ.
Alexis is worried about Kristina’s decision to fill in for Molly and TJ.

Kristina’s Unexpected Decision

Alexis will voice concerns as soon as Kristina discloses her intention to stand in for Molly and TJ. Though Alexis will retort that Kristina doesn’t, Kristina will snap that she knows what she is in for.

The maternal bond that Kristina will experience and how challenging it will be to give her baby to Molly and TJ are things Alexis will never believe Kristina could have anticipated.

Concurrently, Sonny plans to visit GH and acknowledges that his purpose for visiting is to see Stella. Sonny is expected to make a significant donation, meaning that this year, the hospital will receive a substantial gift from him.

Sasha encouraged Sonny to donate the money rather than replenish the money Gladys stole, so perhaps that has something to do with the promise Sonny made to her.

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