General Hospital Spoilers: Anna and Dante’s Pier Showdown, and Lucy Faces Scott’s Persuasion

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease intense moments as Anna and Dante find themselves in danger during a showdown with Brennan on the pier. Sonny confronts Cyrus, but complications arise. Meanwhile, Lucy seeks guidance from Scott, hinting at a possible shift in her storyline.

Anna and Dante’s Pier Showdown

Spoilers of General Hospital (GH) indicate that Anna will discuss John’s takedown with Dante and convey her confidence that it will happen tonight.

But Dante and Anna will have to respond quickly because Brennan is already hatching a takedown plan of his own. Anna and Dante will go through some terrifying moments as they take cover on the pier. Sonny will engage Cyrus in a heated confrontation, while Dante and Anna find themselves in imminent danger.

When the rivals run into each other, Sonny will maintain that Cyrus has already been replaced and possibly make the claim that Port Charles no longer has room for a former bad guy like him.

Sonny will undoubtedly dispense with Cyrus, but Laura seems determined to make her half-brother accept it, if only for her own benefit. She will swear to Lois and Ned that she will stop at nothing to make things right for Maxie, even if it means breaking up with Brook Lynn.

Anna and Dante's Pier Showdown
Dramatic confrontations and crucial decisions unfold in upcoming GH episodes.

Nina’s Plea for Ava’s Help

Regarding Lucy, Scott will provide her with some guidance. Scott will undoubtedly be attempting to persuade Lucy to fight back because he wonders if she will just give up and let Tracy win.

Later on, Lucy will confide in Kevin about some of her issues, which might include an admission that Scott has been writing romantic plays for her lately.

Additional GH spoilers indicate that Carly will be in a difficult situation, which could have to do with the information she recently learned about Kelly. Now that Carly has seen Sam researching the new WSB director, she is aware that Brennan has not been truthful with her.

Nina will then talk to Ava and ask for assistance before everything collapses on her. Ava might encourage Nina to be upfront with Michael and attempt to turn the tables after learning of Ned’s threat of blackmail.

Nina has stated that she will ask Michael for help later, so it appears that she will admit that Ned pressured her to obtain information about Aurora that he could utilize against her.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Michael will attempt to deal with Ned later this week because Nina will want assistance in neutralizing the threat.

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