GH spoilers next weeks(Dec, 26-30): What Will Happen Next on GH?

The most recent spoilers for General Hospital are from December 26 to December 30. Esme devises a new strategy after concluding that Nikolas’ defenses could have a hole in them.

Ava confesses her true desires, Laura develops suspicions, and Britt’s first party really gets going!

Looking Back At GH!

In the General Hospital episode airing on Friday, Britt assisted in a Christmas baby delivery, and Maxie had a personal miracle.

Port Charles awakens on Christmas morning prepared to celebrate.

She is back! A throwback episode of General Hospital airs just before the holidays.

Elizabeth, Scott’s former daughter-in-law, has an important reminder.

Austin is in a circumstance where Britt’s knowledge is needed.

Sonny is come to assist Sasha in completing a task that is extremely important to her.

Nina teams up with her aunt Liesl to complete a task. But can they pull it off while avoiding trouble? That is a legitimate concern, given their track record!

An expert in the field lost her various abilities. Elvis Presley, the co-star, and beloved General Hospital alumnus, has died at the age of 81.

Looking Forward!

General Hospital spoilers for December 26, Monday

Anything Britt does shouldn’t surprise Terry, yet someway she still manages to do so.

Even a tiny amount of knowledge in the wrong hands may be highly harmful.

And in Heather Webber’s hands? We have no idea what type of turmoil it will produce, though.

Dante demonstrates that he is a true friend by motivating Cody. But will his companion pay attention?

Spencer and Trina have the same opinion. But will their perseverance be rewarded?

Mac and Robert are prepared to begin negotiations.

General Hospital spoilers for December 27, Tuesday

Do you recall how Brook Lynn and Maxie used to get along so poorly? They’ve gone a long way as a result of their joint creation of several initiatives. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Maxie is there when Brook Lynn needs to chat.

Willow and her ideas continue to have the full backing of Michael.

When Valentin contacted Sonny with a proposition that competitors recommended, Sonny was suspicious. Does Sonny bring up that dubious offer when he arranges a deal?

Carly continues to cause trouble, entirely oblivious to our warnings that she’ll probably regret her actions as we sit here.

Chase and Sasha take some time to update one other on recent happenings.

General Hospital spoilers for December 28, Wednesday

Obrecht is not generally regarded as the most honest person, but we suspect that the promise she makes today will be kept.

Spencer does something we never expected to see: he apologizes to Ava. This proves that they serve ice cream in Hell.

GH spoilers next 2 weeks
GH spoilers next weeks: What Will Happen Next on GH?

Help is sometimes said to appear when you least expect it to… Cyrus’s willingness to help Laura will undoubtedly show to be the case!

Anna and Valentin discover that they are drawn more into a developing mystery.

Nikolas receives a warning from Victor, who is keen to make it apparent who the real ruler of the Cassadine family is.

General Hospital spoilers for December 29, Thursday

Since Liz learned that Nikolas is holding Esme prisoner, the con artist has viewed the nurse as a weak link. Will Esme be able to make Elizabeth uncomfortable once she tries to play her?

Michael is not the kind to give up quickly!

Who will Ava tell when she finally spills the beans about what she’s after?

Laura is not going to ignore her growing doubts.

Whether you’re ready or not, the biggest party of the year starts as Britt gets ready to celebrate her birthday in style!

General Hospital spoilers for December 30, Friday

As Liz decides to tell Finn some information, Laura nudges Nikolas, Britt’s party is the site of a series of surprises, and Esme believes the timing is perfect for taking a significant risk; New Year’s Eve will undoubtedly be rockin’ in Port Charles!

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  1. General Hospital was one of the best shows I’ve seen for quite awhile on Friday. Everyone was basically happy and Olivia is our new Lila. ❤️❤️ Loved everything happening so well at the Quartermaine house.


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