Is Leo leaving Days of Our Lives? Uncovering Mysterious Departure

Leo’s unexplained exit from ‘Days of Our Lives’ has kept viewers in suspense amid Salem’s murky hallways. In November 2023, Leo Chalamet Stark, played by the outstanding Greg Rikaart, finished his exciting adventure alongside Dimitri DiMera.

As Leo waved farewell to the canvas of Salem, the story swelled with deception, manipulation, and unforeseen twists reached its culmination.

As the echoes of his intricate machinations linger, the future ramifications remain a mystery, putting spectators on the edge of their seats.

What legacy has Leo left, and what unwritten stories await in his absence?  ‘Days of Our Lives’ dramatic tapestry continues to build a fascinating tale, allowing spectators to brace for the unexpected and savor the suspense.

Who is Leo from ‘Days of Our Lives’?

Leo Chalamet Stark is a character on the daytime drama “Days of Our Lives,” played by actor Greg Rikaart.

Rikaart first featured in the character for a multi-episode storyline that began in March and ended on July 3, 2018. Later, from November 28, 2018, until March 26, 2019, he resumed the role on a contract basis.

In an April Fools episode on April 1, 2020, Rikaart announced his comeback to the spin-off show “Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” on August 2, 2021.

He returned to his post as Leo in February 2022 and signed a contract until July 2022. However, Rikaart’s status on “Days of Our Lives” was changed to recurring in January 2023 when he returned to “The Young And The Restless.”

What happened to Leo in Days of Our Lives?

Leo’s persona had grown significantly in the months immediately up to his departure, becoming a fan favorite. Many viewers were stunned by his abrupt departure, however, actor Greg Rikaart’s choice to quit the program was disclosed as he sought new chances.

This marked the end of Leo Stark’s journey, leaving fans wondering what influence he would have on Salem and the characters he left behind.

Is Leo leaving Days of Our Lives?

No, Leo is not leaving Days of Our Lives. When Leo Stark left “Days of Our Lives” in November 2023, he ended an enticing plot involving him and Dimitri DiMera.

The character, played by Greg Rikaart, departed Salem with Dimitri, who had recently been freed from jail.

The circumstances of their leaving suggested that Leo’s plans were unknown. Leo had played a key role in a scheme to defraud Gwen von Leuschner by acting as Dimitri’s wife.

Is Leo leaving Days of Our Lives
Leo Stark

Unfortunately, their plan failed, and Dimitri was arrested. These events greatly impacted Leo, who blamed himself for Dimitri’s plight and felt deceived by Gwen.

Here you go for the recent video of Greg Rikaart’s interview:

Leo on the Days of Our Lives

Leo’s Complicated Scheme in ‘Days of Our Lives

Leo’s plot in “Days of Our Lives” was a complicated web of plots and manipulations. Leo’s position turned into a mission to create a scandal after he was recruited by Vivian Alamain to date Sonny Kiriakis and eventually intern at TITAN, where Sonny worked as CEO.

Sonny stopped the connection to avoid mixing business and pleasure. However, Vivian authorized Leo to seduce Sonny as an employee, thereby aiding in the downfall of TITAN.

When Vivian was murdered, Kate learned about Leo’s participation and recruited him to help them continue their fight against TITAN.

Leo devised a plan that included sending himself sexual SMS from Sonny’s phone and making love to Sonny in the office, all of which was filmed on a hidden camera.

Kate recruited Ted Laurent to defend Leo in a lawsuit against TITAN, taking advantage of the obscene communications and film.

Kate intended to compromise as the litigation advanced, but Leo, dissatisfied with the suggested deal, emotionally bullied Sonny into marrying him.

The scenario, however, took a drastic turn when Will revealed Leo’s background as a prostitute, exposing his true name as Matthew Cooper.

During a heated argument, Leo attempts to strangle Will, resulting in a scuffle with Sonny. Leo died after rushing face-first into a fireplace as a consequence of the confrontation.

Deception, blackmail, and a series of surprising events left viewers on the edge of their seats throughout Leo’s plot.

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