Is Gwen leaving days of our lives?

On “Days of Our Lives,” Gwen soon realizes her real existence is a fantasy. The audience will remember how she fell in love with Charming Dimitri and how he reciprocated.

But their union is merely a façade. She is merely a means to an end for Dimitri. Gwen has already started to doubt her beloved prince. She will soon learn the truth about his intentions for his inheritance.

Oh! This could hurt even more than Dimitri’s betrayal because her best friend Leo is having an affair with her husband. Gwen would be devastated to learn of this double betrayal and even seek retribution.

Who Is Gwen In Days Of Our Lives?

In “Days of Our Lives,” Emily O’Brien portrays the imaginary Gwendolyn “Gwen” Rizczech. Tiffany raised Gwen, but due to her drug addiction, Tiffany occasionally lost track of her. Nuns reared Gwen after Tiffany passed away.

She used to read everything Charles Dickens wrote. She had a tonsillectomy at age 11, and her first experience with alcohol came at age 13.

Jake and Gwen were dating while he was living in Philadelphia. Gwen is close with Claire Brady, and after finding out that they both dislike Gabi Hernandez, Gwen also grew close with Chad DiMera.

Later on, it was learned that Gwen was behind the drugging and admission of Chad Deveraux’s wife, Abigail, to a Florida mental hospital in early 2020.

Is Gwen leaving days of our lives?

Multiple Day’s insiders have confirmed that Emily O’Brien will leave the show as Gwen Rizczech. Still, she will eventually switch to playing a new Theresa Donovan.

Is Gwen leaving days of our lives
Is Gwen leaving days of our lives?

Actress Emily O’Brien, who plays Gwen, recently shared information about her new endeavor with her friends and followers on Instagram.

Her interstellar role-playing game, Starfield, was finished, and she shared it with everyone, writing, “What an epic four years this has been with all of you!”

But towards the episode’s conclusion, which will run on Friday, October 6, Emily O’Brien’s Gwen, a character who has offended many fans with bizarre and frequently nasty acts, bid her dad’s hometown farewell.

The change in roles

Theresa Donovan played on and off by Jen Lilley since 2013, is being replaced by a new yet well-known actress who also plays another role on the show.

The new Theresa is none other than Emily O’Brien, who viewers have known as Gwen Rizczech (now von Leuschner) since 2020, as was made clear in the episode credits for the Peacock serial opera on October 2.

Jen Lilley reacts to Emily O’Brien as the new Theresa Donovan on Days

After Emily was revealed to be Theresa, Jen published her interview with on her Instagram Stories, writing beneath the piece, “FOR THE RECORD…I THINK EMILY IS A ROCKSTAR.”

According to Jen, who spoke with the source, Emily will be given a blonde wig to match Jen’s Theresa, which will set her apart from Gwen. Jen also showed that she loves Emily dearly and wishes her the best.

Jen felt horrible for the predicament the filmmakers had put Emily in.

When Emily discovered she was the new Theresa, the actress embraced her. She commiserated with her, saying, “That must be so awkward for you.”

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