Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week August 21 – 25: Melinda’s Scheme, Johnny and Chanel’s Decision

Get ready for a gripping blend of drama, deceit, and unexpected developments as Days of Our Lives continues its compelling storyline in the week of August 21.

Let us explore the exciting spoilers that lie ahead, which will cover everything from secret motivations to crucial choices.

Marriage Questions and Unexpected Visitors: Gwen, Dimitri, and Chloe’s Surprises

Will Gwen finally catch Dimitri and Leo in the act, as per Days spoilers, who claim she will interrupt a passionate moment between a couple? That is a possibility to think about, but since interruptions are something Gwen is accustomed to doing, she might also interrupt Tripp and Wendy.

The marital status of Gwen and Dimitri will be investigated, possibly as a result of Gabi’s inquiry or even a visitor sent by the Von Leuschers.

Days spoilers suggest that before Dimitri can receive his inheritance, Gwen may ask him to provide proof of his marital status.

As for Chloe, she will be stunned by an unexpected visitor, so that might be the time Philip goes looking for her. Though it might occur after Kate has already reconnected with Philip, Kate will also receive a surprising visit from someone.

Rex might be involved in this instead, and it might be connected to his attempt to claim Sarah’s child as his own. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, the week of August 21–25 will be full of excitement, so keep checking back for more information on the impending chaos.

Melinda’s Scheming Unveiled: Legal Drama and Hidden Agendas

According to Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the August 21–25 episode, Melinda will ask Sloan for assistance in handling some legal drama. Melinda can always reaffirm to Sloan that she owes her a favor if the young attorney refuses to give in.

Melinda consented to keep Nicole’s baby’s true father a secret, but she will be tempted to reveal it when she goes on a date with Li later this week.

Johnny (who is debating whether or not to spill the beans) and Chanel will experience a turning point in their relationship during Melinda’s deliberations. Chanel will confess she still feels the same way about Johnny after he tells her the truth about his feelings for her.

Naturally, Chanel will have to decide what that entails for her future, particularly now that she has shown interest in Talia.

Xander’s Revelation and Sarah’s Lies: Pregnancy Surprise

According to Other Days spoilers, Xander will be shocked to hear that Sarah is expecting.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week August 21 - 25
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week August 21 – 25

Sarah will tell him a lie, probably about Rex being the father after Xander notices her and her growing baby bump. Later on, Sarah will come clean about that lie, though it might not be to Xander.

Ava’s Unsettling Claims: Mental Struggles and Potential Truths

Ava will assert some things at Bayview that ostensibly sound rather outrageous. Everyone should not believe Ava’s story because she is a mental patient who frequently perceives things that are not there and has a distorted sense of reality.

Still, Ava will be adamant about something and as a result, she will have another tantrum. Harris will be the one to calm Ava down, and he might end up being the only person who believes her.

Could Susan’s fate have anything to do with Ava’s new tale? Maybe Ava could start laying the groundwork for that since DOOL spoilers indicate that Susan is still alive and will eventually make a comeback.

Melinda’s Deceptive Behavior: Close Calls and Hidden Agendas

Her conduct when she is with Melinda will cause some people to take notice. That might indicate that Melinda’s secret for Sloan will come within inches of being revealed.

On the other hand, Melinda might be on edge due to her secret agenda since she may not have completely given up on locking Li up. Melinda could keep planning to put Li in prison if their relationship does not work out.

Though Melinda will offer Sloan some relationship advice, we are not sure it is a good idea to pay attention to Melinda since she is not exactly an expert in romantic relationships!

Mini Spoilers

Meanwhile, EJ will experience a terrifying nightmare and then awaken startled. What will this nightmare be about? It will feel to EJ like some sort of premonition. Susan may be involved, but it is also possible that EJ will be on high alert due to some sort of warning sign regarding the baby.

We will see if these two finally make love for the first time or if there is another change of plans as Wendy and Tripp will discuss a significant decision together.

There is undoubtedly more to this story than Shawn will admit. Shawn will blame himself for Victor’s passing. Victor was not in the vicinity of the Bo facility at the time the plane crashed, which is not Shawn’s fault in any case.

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