Days Of Our Lives Spoilers January 23 to February 3: Steve’s New Plans, Gabi manipulates Li, and so on…

“Days of Our Lives” fans, brace yourselves for an action-packed two weeks as the drama unfolds on the popular soap opera. 

From Monday, January 23 to Friday, February 3, viewers can expect to see Marlena encounter a familiar face in a heavenly setting, John and Roman shocked by Steve’s new plan, Gabi manipulating Li, and an unintended victim entangled in Stefan’s revenge plot.

Monday, January 23:

Marlena passes away and finds herself in a strange place, with Johnny punching Tripp and Eric drowning his sorrows.

Allie, who is not thrilled to hear that her girlfriend Channel nearly shared a kiss with her ex-husband Johnny, wants answers and assurance that this won’t happen again.

Tripp continues to reel about the loss of Kayla and Ava, with Wendy offering him comfort.

Tuesday, January 24:

Marlena finds herself in heaven, with the familiar face she encounters there encouraging her to go into the light or return to her loved ones.

Eric requires comfort, and Sloan has open arms to provide it. Are these two getting serious about one another?

Allie still isn’t sure how she feels, and advice from Alex may hurt or help the situation.

Wednesday, January 25:

EJ hits Li with a bombshell while Gabi is receiving an apology and a pep talk from Wendy.

Allie goes to Chanel and demands answers regarding her relationship with Johnny.

Stefan starts putting his multi-step plan to seek revenge against EJ into motion.

Thursday, January 26:

Allie opens up to Alex about Chanel, while Chanel and Johnny have a frank discussion about their lingering feelings for each other.

Stefan’s revenge plot ensnares an unintended victim, and Gabi finds herself hiding an unconscious person.

Nicole and Sloan get nasty with one another as Eric’s women prove triumphant.

Friday, January 27:

Sloan leaves a wrong impression on Roman, while Gabi manipulates Li.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Jan 23 to Feb 3
Days Of Our Lives Spoilers January 23 to February 3

Nicole suggests that she and EJ take things to the next level, but he doesn’t realize she’s been drugged.

Allie’s worst nightmare comes to pass when she finds Johnny and Channel in one another’s arms.

Monday To Friday, January 30 to February 3: 

The following week, fans expect to see Stefan receive an unexpected call from Vivian, Rolf preparing to deprogram a resistant Stefan. 

Also,  Bonnie tries to talk Sarah out of divorcing Xander, Stephanie and Chad are anxious to see how a new stage in their relationship develops, and Steve stunning John and Roman with his plan for Orpheus. 

While Kayla is reunited with a loved one, Kate encounters an old foe.

Closing Thoughts!

As the drama continues to unfold on “Days of Our Lives,” fans can look forward to an action-packed two weeks with a mix of heartache and hope. 

Will Marlena find her way back to her loved ones? Will Gabi’s manipulation lead to a happy ending? 

Tune in to find out!

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