Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 7 2023: Alex’s Risky Move, Hope and Harris’ Love, and More Dramatic Twists in Salem

Days of our Lives never stopped keeping its audience on the edge till day 1. Today, we are heading into Friday, April 7, spoilers.

There are even more shocking twists and turns in store for viewers. Let’s check the sneak peek at what to expect in the upcoming episode.

Alex’s Bold Move: Is He Doomed?

Alex Kiriakis will make a bold move to assure Maggie that he’s committed to Titan’s success.

He’ll boast about a new deal he’s got in the works, but Maggie may have doubts about his ability to deliver. Will Alex prove himself or fail miserably?

Kayla Rejects Bo’s Offer

Kayla Johnson will continue to clash with Bo Brady in Greece. Bo will pressure Kayla to help him build a new empire, but she’ll ultimately shut down the idea.

Can Bo convince her otherwise, or will Kayla stand firm?

Hope and Harris’ Undercover Mission

Hope Williams Brady and Harris Michaels will go undercover in Greece to find Thomas Banks, but Megan Hathaway’s bogus lead may derail their mission.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 7 2023: Hope and Harris' Love
Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 7 2023: Hope and Harris’ Love

As they pose as a couple on vacation, Hope and Harris will explore their real feelings for each other.

Andrew’s Important Prisoner Transfer

Andrew Donovan will take charge of an important prisoner transfer, ensuring that Megan is transported to the Salem PD.

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Shawn Brady will take her into custody and unleash his wrath on her in the interrogation room.

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 7 2023

Days of our Lives Spoilers April 7 2023

Shawn Blasts Megan

Shawn Brady will express his frustration with Megan for causing turmoil for his family. He’ll look forward to putting her behind bars, but will Megan fight back?

Don’t miss Friday’s episode of Days of Our Lives for all the juicy details. The drama never stops in Salem!

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