Who is Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives?

On the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives, Marlena Evans is a fictional character. The creators Pat Falken Smith and Betty Corday came up with Marlena, who has now emerged as one of the Days of Our Lives most recognizable characters.

Marlena made her presentation on the show on June 21, 1976, right now making her the second longest-running entertainer on the sequential, outperformed simply by Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton).


In 1976, at the University Hospital in Salem, Dr. Marlena Evans makes her acting debut as one of Mickey Horton’s psychiatrists. This places her in close contact with the cleanser’s center family, the Hortons. Don Craig, Mickey’s assistant, becomes her first new love in Salem as a result of this.

In 1977, Samantha, Marlena’s envious twin sister, who was played by Hall’s real-life twin Andrea Hall, became a prominent plot point. Samantha puts on the persona of Marlena and sends her to an institution. Samantha picks up on Marlena’s quick attempt to flee and get in touch with Don.


Don begins to suspect that something is wrong after observing Marlena’s strikingly different personality. He frees Marlena and arrests Samantha with Laura Horton’s assistance. Marlena accepts his proposal, and later that year, they tie the knot. During this time, Marlena and Samantha wipe the slate clean and offer a genuine compromise.

Don and she give the unborn child the name DJ after she gives birth to him prematurely. The child passes on from SIDS, which causes a break between the couple. Wear takes part in an extramarital entanglement and the couple separates before long.

Who is Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives?
Who is Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives?

Marlena first starts spending a lot of time with Kellam Chandler in 1981. Kellam rapes Marlena after she rejects his advances toward her. Kellam is killed by his child Todd hours after the fact and at the preliminary that followed, Marlena affirms that Kellam had assaulted her that evening, helping Todd’s case.

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Marlena receives her radio show later that year. Marlena starts to get undermining calls and letters to her and her public broadcast. Marlena meets Detective Roman Brady while she is being followed by the Salem Strangler. Samantha is killed by the Salem Strangler because he misidentifies her as Marlena. The Salem Strangler then attacks Marlena and is defeated by Roman.

Relationship and Romances

Marlena and Roman were a thing for a while until Roman’s ex-wife Anna Long shows up in Salem with their child, Carrie. Roman gets into trouble with Anna, but she eventually gives him a divorce. Roman weds Marlena in February 1983 after receiving custody of Carrie. Marlena, who once felt that she had lethally shot Stefano, is captured a few times throughout the long term.

In 1986, Marlena takes in John Dark as her patient; She is determined to assist him in recalling his past because he has amnesia. John and Marlena fall in love after spending a lot of time together. Marlena, on the other hand, gets the impression that John is Stefano because he seems to know a lot about him.

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Later, Marlena discovers a file from a plastic surgeon with before-and-after photos of John and Roman. John assumed the role of Roman over time after Marlena becomes convinced that John is Roman. Marlena is later attempting to talk down a self-destructive jumper when she tumbles from a window sill.

Marlena spends a month in a coma, close to death. On August 22, 1986, she and Roman renewed their vows when she finally recovers. Roman collaborated with a man named Orpheus during his time with the ISA. While on assignment, Roman killed Orpheus’ wife by accident.

To get back at Roman, Orpheus abducts Marlena and fakes her passing. Orpheus is shot and killed by Roman, but Marlena is thought to have died in a plane crash before Roman could save her.

Marlena has been the focus of numerous high-profile plots, including one involving a serial killer, a romantic relationship, and a devil’s possession.

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