Days of our Lives Spoilers next Weeks January 2-6

The most recent Days of Our Lives spoilers are available for the days of January 2 through January 6. Kristen could soon learn exactly how far Brady will go to protect the ones he cares about.

She probably won’t like it, too. In the meanwhile, Kate’s situation appears hopeless, Nicole faces a sexual conundrum, and all of Xander’s many, many chickens come home to straddle!

DOOL Spoilers Week January 2 to January 6

DOOL Spoilers For January 2, Monday

Brady and Eric believed they had the ideal strategy in mind. The one thing they failed to anticipate? Response from Kristen. Will it transpire that they took things a little too far?

The pasts of Nicole and EJ are far from simple; the word “complex” doesn’t even come close. So it’s understandable why she’s hesitant to get intimate with him again. Will she, however, succumb to temptation?

What is actually happening between Wendy and Johnny? They’ll talk about the future, and then we’ll know better.

The bombshell Gabi will reveal to Stefan and Chloe will require them to prepare!

DOOL Spoilers For January 3, Tuesday

Sonny makes an effort to mend fences with Will. However, it could be more difficult than they both would want to admit.

Sarah is still processing what really happened to her beloved Xander. Maybe telling Maggie, Bonnie, and Justin what she knows will be helpful.

Gwen is there to try and uplift Xander’s spirits when he is having a bad day.

Stephanie and Alex are becoming closer. This is why he is compelled to wonder about Chad’s own feelings for the attractive woman!

DOOL Spoilers For January 4, Wednesday

Even though Rafe shouldn’t be shocked when he receives Nicole’s divorce papers, it nevertheless surprises him more than he expected. Will Jada be able to lift his spirits?

Stephanie lashes out at Alex, appearing to have significantly reversed the progress they had been making together.

Days of our Lives Spoilers next Weeks January 2-6
Days of our Lives Spoilers next Weeks January 2 – 6

In a must-see scene, an outraged Bonnie and Justin confront the Scotsman after learning all that Xander has done. Flipping on Xander, in the meantime, he discovers Gwen being pushed to do the “correct” thing. Can she truly do that, though, given how she has felt about him in the past?

DOOL Spoilers For January 5, Thursday

Leaving Salem is always enjoyable (unless you’ve been abducted or are looking for a murderer, of course). But Marlena and John are joyfully taking advantage of a vacation!

The gloves are taken off as Brady makes it known that he’s prepared to play hardball with Kristen.

Sloan can’t help but think whether completing a favor for Eric was a terrible mistake.

Bad news has been delivered to Kate. It could at least be less painful because Rex is there to give it.

DOOL Spoilers For January 6, Friday

As Kristen and Brady rush against time to discover what precisely happened to the crucial orchid, lives are on the line. Meanwhile, Eric surprises John and Marlena with a discovery, and it appears that Kate will soon be knocking on Heaven’s door as her condition deteriorates.

The choice Alex is about to make might completely alter everything!

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