Days of our Lives Spoilers December, 12 – 16

We have the most recent Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of December 12 to December 16.

Nicole gets reprimanded for her sins as Eric and Sloan begin to flirt! Ava plots a bomb, Brady unexpectedly kisses a stranger, and a well-known person interrupts Susan’s burial ceremony, too!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 12, Monday

Bonnie ultimately puts the puzzle together. But how will she respond when she realizes what she’s discovered? In the meantime, Gwen demonstrates why she’s a beautiful ally by coming up with a scheme that could save Xander’s life.

Sonny and Leo… They… get nearer? Well, that won’t get Will’s approval for sure! Now, surely this can’t be true.

Although Stephanie and Alex have grown closer, Chad may be the man Stephanie really wants if he decides that maybe there is life after Abigail. Stephanie and the widower talk about the future…

Days alum recounts her sadness on her wedding day: “People, you just can’t write this bleep… Given that it seemed like one of our worst days, I wasn’t sure what to say about “the best day of my life.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 13, Tuesday

Without a partner, what fun is a scheme? Gwen has prepared a monster and intends to enlist the help of her longtime friend Leo.

Sarah is wary of Xander even if she doesn’t want to be. Will Justin calm her fears or raise additional doubts in her mind?

Recently, Eric has been going downhill, and he’s set to start yelling at Sloan.

Returning, Sister Mary Moira has some things to say to Nicole. mostly on her wicked behavior!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 14, Wednesday

Rafe has been startled by Nicole on several occasions lately. But just wait till he learns that she is residing in EJ’s home! Eric and Sloan deepen their relationship in the meanwhile.

Days of our Lives Spoilers December
Days of our Lives Spoilers December, 12 – 16

Thankfully, when Steve asks for their assistance, Rafe and Jada will have something to prevent them from thinking about their personal issues.

Ava is planning her retaliation and has EJ in her sights.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for December 15, Thursday

Nicole appears while Eric and Sloan are kissing as they are perched on a tree. And she won’t be happy about it either!

Brady makes a surprise lip-lock with a person. John and Marlena believe it’s time to find a method to keep Kristen out of their life in the meanwhile. Yet at what price?

The memorial ceremony for Susan is today, and Ava wants to make sure it’s a big deal. she is literally setting a bomb!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for, December 16 Friday, December 16:

Why do we think Chloe is a highly fortunate woman? Because Brady and Stefan are at odds with each other for her!

John may have his work cut out for him when he attempts to pull a quick one on Kristen because she is a superb manipulator.

Is there still time for Johnny to go to Ava? Or will someone else’s last day on earth coincide with Susan’s memorial?

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