The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers: Zende’s Plot to Undermine RJ and Luna

In Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), Zende will continue his scheme to put himself in the way of RJ and Luna.

Luna is prepared to go further after calling Zende out on his intentions for approaching her. Is Zende able to persuade Luna that RJ is unfaithful to her?

It was clear that Zende had no intention of giving up after RJ confronted him about the dinner date he had tried to con Luna into.

Zende’s Scheme

In the glamorous yet treacherous world of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ a new plot is thickening, one that could alter the lives of several key characters.

Zende wants to harm RJ in any way possible because he is so incredibly envious of him. Since Eric opted to collaborate with RJ, Zende has become solely focused on defeating RJ.

Zende manipulates Luna and persuades her. RJ has an innate talent for fashion design and has done so for years, while Zende attended school to pursue this career.

It was not until he got home and Eric asked for his assistance that RJ wanted to design.

But RJ found out that he loves to design and that he is really good at it. It gave Eric great pleasure to suggest that RJ carry on working with him.

Zende has been criticizing RJ whenever he gets the chance ever since the fashion challenge. RJ has performed remarkably well and is aware of Eric’s intentions for his most recent line.

Because of their close relationship, Ridge asked RJ to assist Eric in finishing his line. If Zende is unable to dissuade RJ from designing, he will undoubtedly attempt to damage his friendship with Luna.

RJ and Luna's Relationship
Detangling the underlying plots of Zende and others

RJ and Luna’s Relationship

Although Luna was not fooled by Zende’s dinner ruse, he still had other tricks up his sleeve. Knowing that Luna adores RJ, Zende intends to ruin their relationship in order to achieve his goals.

Can Zende persuade Luna that she would be unfaithful to RJ? Luna thinks RJ is the ideal man for her, and he thinks the same about her.

Zende is aware of Luna’s undying devotion to RJ and that the only thing that can separate them is to make her question RJ’s feelings for her.

Is Zende able to get some of the Forrester models to appear on RJ and give the impression that he has turned on Luna?

Zende appears to be very vengeful towards RJ, which is destroying their relationship. Naturally, this could also backfire on Zende.

What will happen if RJ or Luna find out about Zende’s activities? If Zende gets sucked into this plot, could he end up hurting himself more than RJ?

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