The Bold and the Beautiful Teases Xander’s Return Sparks Showdown with Thomas

Upcoming Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) episodes promise riveting drama as Xander returns, setting the stage for a heated showdown with Thomas.

Xander’s past involvement in concealing Beth’s survival resurfaces, and with Finn revealing Thomas and Hope’s current situation, Xander’s fury may lead to a confrontation, stirring up long-buried tensions.

Thomas and Xander’s Troubled History

Xander’s return could lead to some intriguing drama, according to spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B).

When he tried to conceal Beth’s survival in 2019, Thomas was at the pinnacle of his villainous career. Xander and the other members of the secret circle were threatened by Thomas as part of that plan.

All of this was a part of Thomas’s devious scheme to ensure a future with Hope, his obsession.

Speaking with Finn, Xander’s new physician, will take place the week of December 25–28. During their conversation, Finn’s connection to the Forrester family will become apparent.

When Xander learns that Finn is Steffy’s spouse, he might look for information on the whereabouts of Hope, Thomas, and all the other characters in the story of the stolen Beth.

Will Finn acknowledge that Hope is currently seeing Thomas and is divorcing Liam?

If that is the case, given how much chaos Thomas’ previous obsession caused, Xander will be furious to hear this news.

This could easily result in Xander going looking for Thomas to have a violent altercation. It is possible that Xander will visit Thomas in a rage and want to talk about something.

You can bet that if Thomas and Xander cross paths again, Xander will be furious with him for upsetting his life and forcing him to remain silent about Beth.

Acting as though Hope is still Thomas’ victim, Xander might also believe that Thomas somehow coerced them into their current relationship.

Xander's return to B&B ignites a fiery confrontation with Thomas.
Xander’s return to B&B ignites a fiery confrontation with Thomas

Hope Caught in the Crossfire

Naturally, Thomas might express regret for his perverted past and admit to having committed some horrible acts.

Nevertheless, after making significant progress in treatment, Thomas genuinely feels he can now healthily love Hope.

Thomas will not understand why Hope and Thomas, who are both consenting adults, should run away from their shared connection.

Although Thomas’s dubious past did taint things somewhat, they can only move on from this point on. While Thomas might jump to his own defense, Xander might be concerned that it will not be long until Thomas turns back and hurts Hope once more.

I really hope B&B takes advantage of this fantastic opportunity to have a showdown between Thomas and Xander!

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful indicate that Xander had to return for a reason, so tune in to see if he causes any trouble for Thomas.

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