The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Uncovering Spies, Will Finn Discover Liam and Steffy’s Hidden Kisses?

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) teases a looming secret yet to be unearthed – the undisclosed kisses shared between Liam and Steffy.

Despite the passage of time, these clandestine liplocks remain concealed, raising questions about their revelation and potential for riveting drama.

As Steffy reevaluates her life amidst Eric’s situation, the show navigates the delicate balance between honesty, secrecy, and the impact of undisclosed truths on Steffy, Finn, and their relationships.

The Lingering Secret

A big secret is still being kept under wraps. When would Finn eventually learn that Liam and Steffy shared a kiss? Months have passed since Liam gave Steffy a passionate kiss in Rome and then sank his teeth into another one in Los Angeles.

Are B&B writers simply going to ignore those long-secret liplocks forever now that so much has happened?

Will Finn Discover Liam and Steffy's Hidden Kisses
Finn and Liam

We might just be supposed to forget about those kisses and move on because it would not be the first time the show has allowed something similar to go unnoticed. But it seems like a waste to pass up the opportunity for some excellent drama.

Given that Steffy has minimized Liam’s interest in her, Finn has a right to know this information. It is evident that Liam has pursued Steffy with some vigor, and he did so all the way back in Italy!

Strengthening Bonds through Transparency

Steffy may need to reassess a few aspects of her life in light of everything that has been happening with Eric.

If Steffy were to be honest with Finn and have faith in his understanding, she might come to the conclusion that it would be better to stop wasting time keeping secrets. Neither of the two times is Steffy asking Liam to kiss her.

If Steffy comes clean and says she is sorry for not coming clean sooner, maybe Finn will believe her because Steffy has consistently turned Liam down.

Steffy may also promise to set a boundary with Liam and genuinely show him that there is no way for them to get back together.

If a confession results in stricter boundaries, this might actually be a way to strengthen the bond between Steffy and Finn.

Since Steffy does not want to hide anything from her husband, she immediately reveals the news of Eric’s illness.

Perhaps Steffy should update Finn on those kisses with Liam too, so that Finn can move on with a clear conscience.

Being a devoted spouse, Finn never fails to encourage Steffy. In fact, he has even offered to investigate potential medical research for Eric.

Hopefully, Steffy will eventually reveal everything because it would be wrong to keep Finn in the dark about secret lip locks. Finn might eventually learn the whole truth, so keep checking back.

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