The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Devious Plan to Win Back Steffy

Liam is contemplating a change in strategy to win back Steffy’s affections. Despite numerous attempts using various approaches, including kisses, sincere speeches, and bold predictions, Liam’s efforts have failed to sway Steffy away from her commitment to Finn, her husband.

As Liam grapples with this challenge, he might resort to deceitful tactics in a bid to undermine Finn and rekindle his romance with Steffy.

Liam’s Desperation and Plans for Manipulation

Liam may come to the conclusion that changing his approach is necessary in order to win Steffy back.

Fans of B&B are aware that Liam has attempted to seduce Steffy with kisses, sincere speeches, and even arrogant forecasts, but none of those tactics have succeeded in keeping her away from her husband.

Liam Devious Plan to Win Back Steffy
Liam and Steffy

Why on earth would Steffy give up her happy marriage to Finn in favor of a waffler like Liam when she is so committed to him?

Steffy has no justification for choosing her unfaithful ex with a bad history given how many times Liam has wronged her.

If Liam ever hopes to snatch Steffy away, he has his work cut out for him because Finn is the one who has demonstrated his commitment to her.

Considering this, Liam might turn to deceitful tactics to win Steffy back. Liam may be able to take advantage of the one thing he has going for him as he attempts to undermine Finn and Steffy.

What Lies Ahead for Liam and Steffy?

Liam and Steffy will always be connected by Kelly, so he might ultimately conclude that Kelly holds the key to bringing their happy family back together.

Kelly could be Liam’s tool to entice Steffy closer, so let us discuss how he could use their daughter’s connection to manipulate his former partner.

Kelly will be overjoyed if Liam starts advocating for more “Steam” family time because she adores her father.

If it were just the three of them, Liam could easily instill ideas about possible activities in Kelly’s mind.

Liam may find himself doing things that are strikingly similar to Thomas’ past, but he has been bringing up Thomas’ dubious past lately.

Once, Thomas thought their family would live happily ever after, so he used Douglas to manipulate Hope. While Liam’s behavior appears to be worsening rather than improving, Thomas eventually found atonement and ended up on a better path.

Perhaps Liam will be the one to use his own child to try and force the reunion he so desperately wants.

Liam is obviously incredibly desperate to reconcile with Steffy and will stop at nothing to see that their romance is restored.

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