The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Unraveling Ties, Xander’s Threat to Hope, and Thomas’s Wedding

As Hope and Thomas prepare to exchange vows on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, tensions rise as Xander refuses to let go of his quest for justice.

Despite Hope and Thomas’s determination to defend their love, Xander’s relentless pursuit threatens to disrupt their wedding.

Hope and Thomas’s Defiance

Hope and Thomas become more adamant about defending their relationship the more Brooke and other skeptics attempt to sow discord in their lives.

Hope’s rebellious side emerges and her determination to make her own decisions grows stronger than ever when people like Brooke try to stand in her way. With their determination, Hope and Thomas stand a good chance of making it to the altar.

 Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers
As tensions mount, will Xander’s quest for justice disrupt Hope and Thomas’s wedding?

However, Xander will not give up on holding Thomas accountable for his role in Emma’s demise and obtaining justice.

Hope should not be with someone who has committed such heinous acts, according to Xander, who holds Thomas accountable. Hope thinks Thomas is a different person, but Xander knows exactly why he did them.

The Potential Wedding Crasher

Given this, Xander might subsequently prove to be a potential wedding crasher. Not only could he cause trouble prior to the wedding, but he could also incite intense tension during Thomas and Hope’s actual wedding.

One wonders if Xander will show up and cause chaos, given the incidents at B&B weddings in the past that have caused serious issues.

Hope would be placed in a difficult situation if Xander were to level charges in front of everyone in attendance to prevent Hope from getting married to someone he perceives to be a monster.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Additionally, an even more surprising outcome could occur if Xander loses control and begins hitting Thomas during the ceremony.

If only out of a desire for justice for Emma, Xander could convince himself that killing Thomas is a good thing for the world—even if it means crossing dangerous boundaries.

What are your thoughts? Will Xander ruin Hope and Thomas’s wedding to show that Thomas is insane and should be put down?

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