The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers August 14 2023: Finn Awaits Steffy’s Answer – Ridge’s Tough Choice

The upcoming episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which airs on Monday, August 14, sees tensions rise as a result of Finn’s impatiently watching for Steffy’s response to his sincere plea for her to return.

Steffy is still wary and hesitant to rebuild the trust that Sheila’s interference has destroyed despite Finn’s assurance that Sheila will not approach them.

Steffy initially rejects Finn’s continued efforts to support their relationship, but he persisted regardless. As the week unfolds, Finn seeks support while Steffy and the kids settle into a new environment for safety reasons.

In the meantime, Ridge considers recent conversations as he must decide whether to support “Team Finn” or “Team Liam.” He is doubting Finn’s suitability given Sheila’s threat to his family’s security. Ridge muses over the idea that Liam might be the better choice for Steffy given his past transgressions.

The episode promises emotional turmoil and unexpected twists as characters navigate complex decisions. Tune in for more details.

Finn Awaits Steffy’s Answer

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers August 14 2023, reveal that Finn will anxiously await Steffy’s answer now that he’s begged her to come home.

To avoid having to spend another night apart, Steffy is hoping that Finn will keep his word and that he will not let Sheila take advantage of him again.

Despite Finn’s frantic efforts to persuade her otherwise, Steffy does not appear to be prepared to return to the cliff house with the kids just yet.

Steffy can not believe Finn when he says Sheila will not be a problem anymore because Finn destroyed their trust in each other.

Safety First: Steffy’s Priorities

According to B&B rumors, in Monday’s episode, Finn will continue to advocate for Steffy and their future as a couple. However, it appears that Finn will have to deal with Steffy’s rejection for the time being.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers August 14 2023
The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers August 14 2023

Finn will find more help during the week of August 14 – 18. Now that the kids have made themselves at home in the Forrester mansion, Steffy might insist she wants to stay there as well.

Steffy cannot take the chance of returning too soon because she must put Kelly and Hayes’ safety before anything else.

Ridge’s Dilemma: Choosing Between Finn and Liam

Ridge will reflect on his most recent conversation with Liam in the meantime, and that will provide him with the knowledge he needs to choose between being “Team Finn” or “Team Liam.”

Sheila’s interference in his life, which endangered Steffy and the children, is the current cause of Ridge’s dissatisfaction with Finn.

Ridge is not convinced that is going to change, and Finn has not done anything to change that, so it is difficult to believe he would choose Finn’s side at this time.

Instead, Ridge might confide in Eric, Taylor, Brooke, or another person about the advantages of his daughter’s friendship with Liam. Although Ridge is aware that Liam once caused Steffy a great deal of suffering, he will undoubtedly see him as the safer option at this time.

Liam’s Appeal: A Safer Option?

Ridge was reassured by Liam that if he had another chance to be with Steffy, he would not again make the error of letting her go.

Ridge appeared to agree, suggesting that he might even concede that a reunion between Liam and Steffy would be beneficial. That is especially true considering Finn’s ongoing relationship with Sheila.

Even if Finn can break the strange connection he has with his birth mother, Sheila will continue to be a problem as long as she is unrestrained.

In any case, Ridge will choose the partner he believes Steffy should be with, which could now be Liam given how wronged he was by Finn.

According to spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge will reflect on all the awful news he is recently heard and possibly argue that Steffy needs to update their relationship for safety’s sake.

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  1. I think they should let Finn and Steffy work on there issues about Sheila together. Liam needs to stop interfering his self on Steffy just because his marriage ended. It’s not right. Can anybody stay married on this soap. This is why I had stopped watching. Back and forth with the same person. So old

  2. I agreed with Jo. Can anyone stay married. The Ridge and Brook never ending destiny is so old to the point of making me vomit. I think Finn and Hope needs to look at the truth and not what they made up in their head. Hope wanted Thomas and because of that she lost her marriage. It was not because of Steffy. Finn also has to look at the truth and not what he thinks in his head. He has put Steffi’s child in danger almost causing the child to lose her life and his now so sick story line about he feels so child like with his mother Sheila. He is forgetting same sheila shot Steffi mother Taylor, then went on to shoot Steff. Sheila is a danger to everyone. Steffi needs to look over her shoulder as if steffi keeps Hays away from finn and sheila, she always has a gun in her bag that she may shoot Steffi to again and take Hays.


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