The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Secrets, Rivalries, and Finn’s Quest for Truth

In The Bold and the Beautiful, Li is still adamant about getting rid of Poppy and Luna. During the week of January 22, Li and John argue passionately about what Luna’s real goals are.

Finn is still baffled by Li’s animosity, particularly with Luna. Could Finn find out the truth about Li and Poppy’s rivalry by getting in touch with his estranged father, Jack?

B&B disclose that Luna was thrust into the world of high fashion as soon as she arrived in Los Angeles and Forrester Creations.

Li’s Vendetta

Eric’s fate, which almost took his life, was mixed with the outdated industry. Subsequently, Luna developed romantic feelings for her social media influencer crush, RJ.

Luna confided in RJ and Finn about Li’s attempt to drive her out of the city. Luna strikes me as a really kind person. Despite being cousins, Finn and Luna had not seen each other since their childhood.

RJ and Luna received dinner invitations from Finn and Steffy. Luna had Steffy’s blessing at that point.

She came to L.A. to support Luna after her breakup with Poppy, especially in light of Li’s threats. But it looks like Poppy might be staying put.

Poppy and Bill have also started dating. The majority of people are unaware of Poppy and Bill’s past together. Furthermore, it was Poppy who contacted Bill; rather, it was the other way around.

Poppy is trying to say, “Let us just enjoy the moment, let us just see what happens,” but Bill seems to be fixated on her.

That suggests Poppy is not seeking a committed or long-term relationship. Being a gold digger is difficult if you do not intend to stay with Mr. Moneybags.

Detangling Finn’s secrets
Detangling Finn’s secrets

Li is hurt over whatever occurred with Poppy decades ago. Li says Poppy’s affair with a married doctor was the reason behind it.

Li’s animosity, though, seems excessive for something that occurred decades ago. It also fails to adequately explain Li’s intense dislike for Luna.

Shadows of Family Secrets

Li says Luna is just like Poppy, but she has not even given the young woman any time to get to know her. Li is going to vent to Finn about Luna’s romance with RJ during the week of January 22.

Li believes Luna singled out RJ. But Finn is aware that this is untrue. Li and Finn will argue angrily about what Luna’s real goals are.

Given that Finn is unlikely to get any closer to the truth with Li, that could help him find some answers.

Finn is going to be determined to find out. Finn dislikes lies and secrets. But Finn is familiar with his mother.

It seems uncharacteristic of Li, a successful doctor, to discourage someone from pursuing their dreams. Finn may feel that in order to find out the truth, he needs to ask around.

Could Finn ask his estranged father for clarification? Will Jack come back and reveal the truth about what Li so hatefully filled?

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