The Bold and the Beautiful: Li Discovers Finn’s Late-Night Endeavor

In the upcoming week of December 4–8 on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), a revelation awaits Li when she stumbles upon Finn engrossed in his late-night work at the hospital.

Finn’s dedication to investigating Eric Forrester’s condition takes precedence over attending the Forrester ball, leading to a confrontation with Li.

As Finn delves into the details of Eric’s health crisis, Li remains in the dark about the urgency of his mission, sparking questions and potential tensions.

Li’s Unexpected Discovery

Li is going to discover something unexpected during the week of December 4–8. It appears that Li will discover Finn in his office and ask him right away why he is working past his bedtime rather than going to the Forrester ball.

Li Discovers Finn's Late-Night Endeavor

Eric might extend an invitation to Li to join the party, but since she will be picking Finn up from the hospital, she will undoubtedly need to work.

Finn’s investigation into the case will become clear, but Li will not understand why at this particular time.

It sounds like Finn will stay up late learning more about Eric’s condition and will choose not to attend the big Forrester bash, or to attend it later.

Certainly, finding a potential treatment or means of prolonging Eric’s life will be more crucial. Li will not understand why Finn is glued to his laptop rather than spending time with Steffy and her family, according to B&B spoilers, of course, since she will not have all the information.

Potential Conflict and Inquisitiveness

Li might know of a colleague who can provide even more help, or she might have some information about Eric’s symptoms that Finn has not yet taken into account.

Finn and Bridget are scheduled to see Dr. Martin later this month; it is possible Li set that up, especially for Eric’s advantage.

Regardless, Li will grow very curious if she sees Finn working hard instead of having fun with the Forresters, and she might even find out about Eric’s condition and attempt to help him.

Perhaps this will present Li with another chance to chastise Finn for prioritizing Steffy over giving Liam an opportunity to move.

That being said, Finn may imply that Steffy is the one who approves the most and knows what he is doing! Maybe there is an instance where Finn gives Li just enough clues to get her interested.

Will Li ultimately be able to coerce Finn into being honest? After all, Finn might decide that Li’s background could be helpful, especially since Eric right now needs all the help he can get.

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