The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke’s Protective Stance, A Mother Bear’s Concerns Over RJ and Luna’s Relationship

On “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Brooke’s motherly instincts are set to go into overdrive as she observes her son RJ’s relationship with Luna.

While initially supportive, Brooke’s concerns heighten with Luna’s connection to Bill and Zende’s growing persistence.

With potential infidelity looming, Brooke, known for her protective nature, may find herself in a fierce battle to shield RJ from heartbreak.

Brooke’s Dual Role

The Bold and The Beautiful hints that the relationship between Hope and Thomas is a source of caution for Brooke.

However, Mother Bear Brooke may soon have to play two roles because she is concerned about RJ’s relationship with Luna.

Brooke has not discovered anything about Luna that would make her want to remove her from her infant son just yet.

As RJ worked with his dying grandfather Eric to create his dramatic lline ending Luna provided him with great support.

Hope and Thomas
Brooke navigates concerns over RJ and Luna’s relationship, setting the stage for riveting drama.

Brooke does not participate in Li’s toxic relationship with Poppy, Luna’s mother, and she even harbors animosity toward her niece.

However, considering that Luna is Bill’s daughter and that Zende is becoming more insistent, it is possible that she will cheat on RJ.

As this is RJ’s first and only committed relationship, Brooke would then undoubtedly act like a mother bear in response to Luna harming her cub!

Brooke’s Ultimatums and Demands

Nobody can get away with harming Brooke Logan’s children, even if she ever gives them a chance. Oddly enough, though, she has never resorted to physical violence against Liam.

He has injured Hope numerous times; if Luna is not excused for harming RJ and she is Liam’s half-sister, then he certainly should not be! Between his attempts to exact revenge on Emma, Zende appears to still be attempting to sneak in and try to win Luna’s affection.

Given that Brooke despises Thomas as much as Zende does, it would be easy to see Zende orchestrating a breakup between RJ and Luna.

She would immediately approach RJ and advise him to flee from Luna as quickly as possible, sensing that Luna was losing his resistance to Zende!


While Brooke undoubtedly leans toward doing as I say rather than as I do, she does not seem to mind being labeled as a hypocrite.

Her children are her priority, regardless of whether they are mature enough to make their own decisions with which she often disagrees.

With no storyline of her own at the moment, Brooke has plenty of time to get involved and take advantage of Luna whenever she feels like it. She could demand Luna resign or even force Ridge to fire her if she were to cheat on RJ or even dump him for Zende.

If she is fair about it, she will demand Zende’s firing too if she discovers Zende is pursuing Luna obstinately despite her involvement with RJ!

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