Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks April 17 – 28: Steffy’s Memory Loss and Sheila’s Master Plan

Spoiler alert! Here we come again with the riveting show, The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers next two weeks —the tea, all the gossip, and inside information. When asked about favorite pastimes, some say sports, some say cooking, but us besties say gossip. Buckle up because this will be to be a rollercoaster ride! For the rollercoaster week to come.

These two weeks are going to be super explosive. Sheila plans the climax, Steffy shocking Liam as well as Ridge. Instants of love and jealousy between the trio of Carter, Quinn, and Eric. Oh, and a few feuds are on the way. Lots and lots of drama, besties! Somehow the show will still revolve around Steffy and her memory loss. Let us look at the major highlights.

Sheila the Satan!

Not just Deacon but Steffy coming back to consciousness is another of Shelia’s worries. Since if her memories flood back, there is no way Shelia has any chance to save herself. Sheila knows very well that Steffy’s memories can send her to prison.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks April 18 - 28 Steffy's Memory Loss and Sheila's Master Plan
Bold and Beautiful Spoilers April 17 – 28: Steffy’s Memory Loss and Sheila’s Master Plan

We feel you, Sheila. Who wants to spend your retirement age inside a prison? So, Sheila decides to put it all to an end. She plans to kill Steffy. Oops. Nor more info. Watch the next B&B episodes if you want to know more about her master plan.

Carter- Quinn and Eric.

Carter and Quinn will be nostalgic. They will spend a long time under the stars where they talk about whatever they had in the past. During Down to the memory lane, Quinn unexpectedly confesses that she still thinks about them and their times together.

All this creates a nice moment between the two. That is when Carter asks Quinn about her relationship with Eric. The moment is over, but the drama is still in the cards. Quinn shares her frustration regarding her marriage because Eric has some erectile dysfunction issues.

We understand medical conditions, but are you sure, Quinn? Is Carter the right man to talk about it? Maybe just maybe… Carter will give some good advice. Later Quinn finds out about Paris and Carter. She is shocked like all of us, but Carter clarifies that his relationship with Paris is over.

Hope- Liam – Steffy

Liam! Sweety, choose your side. Stop messing with these both amazing women. Liam consoles Steffy and even promises her that he will always be there for her. He tries to comfort her and tells her he still loves her. A very emotional Steffy leans on Liam for comfort.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks April 17 - 28: Steffy's Memory Loss and Sheila's Master Plan
Bold And Beautiful Spoilers April 17 -28: Hope, Liam, and Steffy

All of it happens right in front of Hope. Why is she even keeping up with this man? But Hope being Hope, goes to Steffy and clarifies and enlightens Steffy about the situation and his husband playing pretend for Steffy.

Arguments and Arguments 

Taylor will ask Brooke to pretend like a past until Steffy recovers. Brooke does not want that. But Ridge has different plans. To Brook’s surprise, he agrees with her ex. An argument is on the way. Somehow Hope and Bridget involve themselves in the feud. The Big Bang will happen.

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